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Implementation Plans

The competencies of an individual entail the habits that he/she embraces and that assist him/her in gaining knowledge, abilities and skills that will assist him/her to succeed in accomplishing the demands of the company2. Competencies of the personal worker can be evaluated by constantly evaluating the functions that he/she brings to the job. For example evaluating his/her capability as a team player. If they do not meet the needs of the organization, then the workforce planning will point out these gaps.

Organizational competencies will be evaluated collectively. The manager will determine whether the group of the team players is able to attain the objectives that they are meant to achieve. The organizational competency is the most critical and core goals of the organization. Its evaluation will therefore assist the manager to pinpoint the most critical focus of the firm.

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Another aspect of the employees that needs to be assessed is their level of flexibility. The manager needs to put the employees at different places in the organization to assess their adaptability to different conditions.

2Duane, Michael John, Customized Human Resource Planning: Different Practices for Different Organizations, Westport, CT: Quorum Books. 1996.

Flexible workers will ensure that the goals of the company are met. This is because; the employees can be used as substitute role players in case their fellow colleagues are not available. This will ensure that the goals of the company will not be affected by absenteeism rates.

The manager is expected to keep records of each individual performance to assess their worth in the organization. The agreed performance objectives must be attained by every team member. If not the manager should devise ways of dealing with such shortcomings. If circumstances force the conditions of work to change, them the manger should be able to adjust to such changes accordingly. It is therefore required of the manager to frequently collect information on individual performance in the organization.

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Communication strategy

Communication in an organization is a crucial aspect that assists the organization to effectively achieve its intended goals. The manager needs to communicate the strategy for the whole firm. They should be able to communicate the changes that they wish to make in the organization. They should also be able to clearly outline the contribution of each member to the attainment of the desired goals. A timeframe should also be provided to the employers explaining to them how the desired changes will impact on them.

The manager ought to explain to the team the benefits that the company might accrue from such changes placing much emphasis on individual benefits. They should also be able to outline the support that the company will offer to the staff as they undertake the substantial changes. Furthermore the changes as effected by the organization should be aimed at securing the employers. There should therefore be proper communication on such changes. The workforce should be assured that the changes are meant for the better of the company.

A strategy to monitor and review effectiveness

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The effectiveness of the plan can be reviewed and monitored when the managers are aware of the accomplishments that the organization is supposed to accomplish7. They should also be able to know the techniques that should be applied to evaluate the effectiveness. After knowing the goals of the company, then they should be able to determine the parameters or how they are going to measure the success of different activities. Managers can be able to control at the same time encourage employees to maximize their potentials in the attainment of the organizations goals.

In the modern time, the employers or the managers may not be able to force the workers to initiate significant changes in the company. The managers at certain levels normally allow workers to be free to make certain decisions. In this case stewardship delegation is initiated by the managers. They only focus to the results of the activities done by the workers. 

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