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The Supper Nanny is a professional reality television program that illustrates the desire for families to come out stronger from their problems. There are problems that are always encountered in families where some children will tend to misbehave towards their parents. I had an opportunity to watch the Supper Nanny Episode one where I watched the scene of the Woods Family (Channel 4, 2012). The location of Woods Family was Grantham.

Members of the family

There were five members of Woods Family namely Steve who was 42 years of age, thirty two year old Lucy, twelve year old Caitlin, ten year old Billy and Charlie who was two years. As noted in the introduction, there are children who tend to misbehave in the family and Charlie is one such character. He is the youngest and his behaviour is out of hand which prompts the parents to seek guidance from the expert advice of Jo Frost. In order to turn the situation around, Steve and Lucy are much determined to take into account the advice given by Jo Frost so as to change their fortunes (You Tube, 2012). Jo Frost herself conceded that handling the situation will not be an easy task as a result of the extent of Charlie’s behaviour. Regarding Charlie’s situation, Frosts remarks, ‘I am shocked to see how you have allowed him to become this bad.'

Parenting Style

The type of parenting style that is evident in the family is permissive parenting. As a result, we witness the family being an environment where respect is no longer the norm. The strict guidelines that have been put forth by Jo Frost illustrate the rot that has taken place in the family. There are few expectations in the family since Charlie is up and down and is left to do whatever he pleases and desires (Knox et al, 2007). Permissive attitude of Steve and Lucy is seen when they allow Charlie to go unpunished in the wrong that he does.

The other illustration of this behaviour from the show is the parents are protecting Charlie from experiencing frustration in what he does as well as the ultimate consequences of their actions. There is hesitation from both Steve and Lucy to set rules and regulations in their families. Furthermore, discipline seems to lack and boundaries which Charlie should not cross have not been stipulated. The way the parents raise their children has a great impact on how they eventually turn out to be.

The style is not effective

The behaviour that has been developed by Charlie illustrates that the parenting style is not effective. As the first care givers to Charlie, Steve and Lucy have failed in instilling discipline in the family causing Charlie to grow into a toddler who destroys everything in the family as well as dominating several aspects of the family with his behaviour which is now out of control. According to the stages of Erick Erickson (Knox et al, 2007), teenagers grow up experiencing different personalities and there comes a moment in their life when they become rebellious and inhibit reckless and devious behaviour as is the case with Charlie.

Super Nanny’s Approach and the best Approach

Jo Frosts insists on Steve and Lucy putting in place strict guidelines in the family that will be adhered to by all the family members. I don’t think this strategy will help since the behaviour has already come out of hand. The best strategy that could have been used in this situation is rehabilitation so that Charlie can grow up knowing to respect those around him. The parents will offer their support through effective rules and regulations but Charlie has already grown fond of his behaviour and will always break the rules. 

Extra Credit. Custom Extra Credit Essay Writing Service || Extra Credit Essay samples, help

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