The Morale of Employees

Issuing of gifts to employees is one of the most successful technique of keeping up the morale and focus of employees in an organization. It is a form of recognizing the efforts of the employees as well as a form of showing concern about the level of performance of employees in the organization. This should be done periodically for employees to feel appreciated for every input and to continually work towards the organizational goals and owning the solemn vision and mission of the organization. In conjunction with this, an award can be issued to the best performing employees after a fair evaluation. This would in turn pose a challenge to other employees who perhaps are on the verge of loosing morale. To crown it all, giving gifts and awards to employees in an organization plays an instrumental role more so in bringing jubilation in the organization as employees would strive towards getting more awards as time spell (Jonson, 2008).

  1. Joint forums and motivational meeting

One of the best ways of handling this is by resorting to learn and know the mind of the employees. Actually, employees know best where their shoes pinches the most hence they can offer the best solution for themselves. This can enable an organization be familiar with some of the issues affecting the general performance of employees and find ways of handling them. Besides, a motivational meeting addressed by renowned motivational speakers can be very significant in motivating the employees and doing away with ignorance and pity among employees more so in knowing their place in accomplishment of the goals of the organization (Jonson, 2008).

  1. Promotion

This entails promoting employees to higher positions after an excellent performance at the previous position depending on their level of productivity and experience. Actually, every employee would be rejuvenated by promotion hence there would be no room for sluggishness in work or general performance. 

  1. Salary and wage increase

Salary is a motivation factor to most people and any kind of addition would in turn boost the morale of the employees. This would also enable employees to work and meet their expenses without staining in any way.

  1. Parties and celebration events

These are events that are intended to bring together the employees and the employers in celebration of an overtime achievement of an organization. Parties and celebrations are instrumental in an organization in that they enable employees bond with the employers and among each other enabling them to speak out their minds openly. These events also create a sense of belonging for employees in the organization that enhance a free environment where everyone can fit in and perform (Johnson, 2008).

  1. Upgrading structures

When employees are able to access all sorts of equipment they need, productive performance would be possible. On the other hand, unavailability of equipment and necessary tool make workers lose morale. Therefore, this technique is very significant in creating a sense of pride in employees in relation to the organization to which they belong to Garry.

B. Desired States analysis

The mentioned case can be a form of seasonal employment. When one intends to get a new job but there is no opportunity for such a skill in the market; then it reflects on the idea that such kinds of job opportunities are offered by organization that take people on contracts or to work for them for a particular period of time such that there are low seasons when they never employ people. Another scenario comes out whereby the skills the job seeker has at that time are not needed in the market during that period of time hence the level of employability is low.

Present State/Desired State Analysis

PS/DS analysis as its name suggest is the critical analysis of current undesired situation and the future situation that is better and desired by those affected. In this question, the bottom line is that there is lack of adequate employments to accommodate all job seekers in the country. Therefore, the future situation should be that which corrects the current malpractice and avails more jobs to the people in need.  This analysis can be well outlined in the PS/DS diagram below (Garry, 2005).

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From the diagram above, solutions ranging from general, functional and specifics are outlined to help salvage the situation. On functional terms, creating more seasonal opportunities that employ people on contract basis is helpful as it will have the capacity to absorb more people on contract terms; this will reduce the current deficit of contract opportunities. Imparting relative skills to graduates from colleges is also a feasible general solution which ensures that students are flexible and having the capacity to perform multiplicity of functions in a firm. More importantly, the two mentioned functional solutions are achievable through two specific solutions, that is, bringing together of more contractors as well as expanding of their employing base. In conclusion, the Dunker diagram above has offered a more realistic strategy with the capacity to holy solve the current problem (Garry, 2005).

Grenade Blast

The blast is taken to have happened in one of the government buildings in Kenya killing a good number of people and leaving several others with serious injuries. This is a serious problem that has forced the government’s security intelligence to come up with a constructive approach to unearth possible solutions to the problem. The problem at hand is therefore defined as follows: “Terrorist Grenade Blast at the ministry of education headquarters in Nairobi, on 3rd February, 2012 at 8 pm”. Having defined the problem explicitly, problem manager then proceeds to find effective solutions using KT Diagram below:

KT Problem Analysis

WHAT Terrorist blasts a grenade killing several people and injuring dozens Other government building within Nairobi Terrorist found his way into the building causing the blast Terrorist presence in the country, laxity in the government security agencies
WHERE Ministry of education headquarters in Nairobi Any government building within the city center There is usually tight security before entering government premises Poor security surveillance
WHEN 3rd February, 2012 at 8 pm Any other time or government building There was none noted  
EXTENT The whole ministry building Other government buildings and offices    

The diagram above is said to be phenomenon in giving complete solutions to the problem facing government of Kenya. First, of all, it has made it possible for the project team to completely define the problem, leaving nobody in doubt as is always the case with many poor trouble shooters. Therefore, irrational use of human instincts in making crucial decisions has been completely impaired in this scenario (Johnson, 2008).

The KT analysis has unearthed crucial facts about the occurrence of such sensational blast in Kenya, more so in a government building where security is always on top gear. This is actually a slap in the face; making it more difficult for the government to convince the public that there security is assured. Looking at the last column, solutions have been unearthed beyond reasonable doubt; this has made it easier for the government to work on specifics rather than ambiguous interventions. As a matter of fact, the essence of KT is to simplify as much as possible, any alternatives to a particular problem (Johnson, 14).  

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In conclusion, whenever a problem a rises in any organization or entity, the people involved should come up with concrete but simpler solutions that will not complicate the issue. This will stop many malpractices that are usually witnessed whenever a problem is being solved. To completely eradicate complications when making decisions, the following versions should be taken into consideration: Identification of the problem; giving space to new knowledge and ideas; looking for possible alternatives; thinking critically and dimensionally; develop clear comprehension of the problem; welcome communal discussion of the alternatives; review of goals; use tools in KT to qualify alternatives; lastly take action. If these steps are followed to the latter, then no problem will be very hard to solve.   



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