Agreeing to Waive a Fee

This letter informs you that I agreed to waive the annual fee for your account, following our conversation last week about keeping the life of your account. Changes were made on your account with the account number XXX

You informed me that you got offers from other companies without any annual fee, but you wanted to keep the account after I waive the fee in order to keep the life of the account. After consultation from the manager, I have agreed to waive the fee so that your account for its life. I have resolved the problem immediately as you requested, and I have enclosed all the copies showing my records. This confirmation comprises the order confirmation in all documents and records with the date of confirmation. Please check that all records are changed precisely in order to avoid problems in the future.

Please contact me to accept that my agreement is honored, and all records are changed in the correct way. It will be happy if you contact me for any question, or if you need to make changes on the document.



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