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I do hereby submit my application for the critical care fellowship. I am seeking a challenging position where I can utilize my skills and develop my expertise throughout my years of extensive nursing education and practical experience.

I am a graduate with an associate degree in nursing from the XXX College of Nursing from where I attained an Honour roll with 3.3 GPA. As a nursing student, I studied adult health, patient assessment, nursing care of children, maternal nursing, and critical care. Out of the above areas of study, I have developed great interest in “Critical Care”. This made me to believe that critical care is not just about staying with the patients, but also about respecting and supporting the basic values, rights, and beliefs of the critically ill patient. As such, I believe in having the patients best interests at heart and ensuring that the patient obtains the necessary care and support that he/she deserves based on his/her choices and/or immediate family wishes. I also  believe and work towards safeguarding the quality of care that I give to the patient given that as a nurse, I would spend more time with the patient than the doctor.

In addition, I am a qualified medical psychologist having studied a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the Ohio State University. The major topics I covered during the study included childhood development, adolescent development, abnormal psychology, psychobiology, human relationships, judgment, & decision making and family relations. This coupled with the communication experience that I have gained over the years of practice, have particularly enabled me to provide a practical professional basis of addressing patient needs which is required in critical care. It would also help me in understanding patients in critical care better by building a rapport with them, their surrogates and family members where and when necessary.

I am a good time and people manager with an eye to small details which I believe is paramount for a critical care nurse. I am passionate about saving lives, an issue that I have endeavored to do throughout my nursing career development. My practical clinical experience ranges from periodic rotations in various departments and hospitals with the most fascinating being critical care. The rotations have included eight weeks surgical rotation and four weeks rotation in critical care at the Riverside Methodist Hospital, four weeks mental health rotation at the Regency Manor Mental Health, eight weeks obstetrics rotation at the Grands Hospital, eight weeks surgical rotation at the Ohio State University East Medical and eight weeks fundamental rotation at the Mayfair Village Retirement Centre. Lately I have been working as a volunteer graduate nursing student at the Noor Community Clinic where I have volunteered time to a free clinic to help those who cannot afford care as a means of minimizing patients who enter the ICU/hospital due to inadequate health maintenance.

Owing to the dynamism in the health sector, I am open minded and keen to learn emerging concepts in patient therapy and administration as well as nursing care in critical conditions.

I have gained work experience from being a research assistant at the Ohio State University between December 2005 and June 2006 in which I was involved with preparing equipment for observational study. I have also been a research assistant at The Children’s Hospital between July and December 2006 and observed child and parent behavior. I have also taught on child care at The Kinder Care between March and September 2007 and a Case Manager at the North Central Mental Health between October 2007 and January 2008. At North Central I documented patient care, assisted with daily living and scheduled appointments. I have also been involved in hospital administration and counseling at the Victoria’s Secret where I was concerned with counseling and testing as well as office faxing, data keeping, filing and documentation.

I therefore strongly believe that the above knowledge, experience, and passion in critical care qualify me for the fellowship and critical care work.

Critical Care Fellowship. Custom Critical Care Fellowship Essay Writing Service || Critical Care Fellowship Essay samples, help

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