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This is a research study done by four scholars namely Remus Illies, Matthias Spitzmuller, Ingrid Smithey Fulmer, and Michael D. Johnson. These authors were conducting an electronic study of the above topic. In simple terms, the authors were using the internet as their main method of conducting research. The aim of the research was to obtain perfect results of the link between agreeableness and consciousness to organizational citizenship behavior. The study eliminates errors made by previous studies done by other researchers. As a result, the study provides results that are more accurate to users of this study in the future. Therefore, this study will have a massive impact to organizations in the future when they are making strategic decisions on human resources matters. This is because the information produce is accurate due to the amount of sources used by the researchers.

In this study, the authors use secondary sources to conduct their research so that they can be able to come up with accurate and conclusive evidence. Simply, for the authors to obtain the literature information they have to conduct a web search. The use of web sources is the only means the scholars use. The authors access the internet to research on those sources that relate to the topic in which they are studying. In this case, the authors recognize both unpublished and published studies. The authors have no set limits on the number of studies they are going to use. However, they want as many studies as possible compared to the other scholars who have done a similar study.

The use meta-analysis as another means the authors use in conducting their study. Meta-analysis is a statistical analysis where the data collected relates with one another. After the researchers finish collecting the data related to the topic, they used meta-analysis to analyze the data that has close relations to the topic. In this case, they have used the moderator meta-analysis and the hieratical meta-analysis to analysis the data completely. In moderator meta-analysis, they are checking for the data that closely relates to the topic and in hieratical meta-analysis, they checking the impact of the data collected on the topic.

The purposes of using these methods of research to conduct this research are to ensure that the results obtained from data, produce more accurate information than other researchers do. Additionally, the authors of this study are trying to show that their can be a perfect research. In addition to the above, they are also trying to learn the relationship of organizational citizenship behavior and job satisfaction in depth. Based on the methods the researchers are using the results are more accurate and conclusive.

In the research, the scholars realize that agreeableness and consciousness have a strong relationship with organizational citizenship behavior where thus affecting one another. For instance, those people whom posses the characteristic agreeability tend to concur well with other people expecting that people will also do the same for them. Therefore, they will tend to perform well with those people who listen to them. This information is crucial to human resource managers because, when they are conducting interviews, they can be able to identify the most suitable candidate for the job.

Upon completion of research by the scholars, it has come to the realization that the study has an immense impact on the future studies and organizations. One of impacts is that it will help organizations in future to come up with ways of selecting employees to work for them. For instance, based on the findings of the research, the human resources department will be able to understand the organization citizenship behavior more and select those employees that fit the organization. In this case, this will improve the level of job satisfaction in the organization. Additionally, the use of this two traits agreeability and consciousness can improve an employee career leading to motivation.

In the study, the researchers were trying to obtain a perfect and accurate research. According to their findings, I do not believe that there is a perfect research. For instance, the authors select data in relation to what they like or dislike, for the sources to use for literal review. The researchers selected the data based on their feelings. This is where they selected the information based on what they think is acceptable omitting what they think is irrelevant. Additionally, there is no evidence to show that the data collected for the research, whether published or unpublished, has a correlation with this topic. This means that there is still some information left out by the study, which might change the views of the research. For this fact, the results obtained from this information cannot be accurate because they are bias.

Additionally the mathematical calculations used in this research contain errors. For instance, in the path analysis results there is the root-mean square error, which translates to a twelve percent variance. This is enough evidence to show that the mathematical calculations contain an amount of errors. In any mathematical calculations, there is always room for errors. This is true especially when the figures used in the calculations are estimates. Additionally, the statistical analysis conducted by the researchers was only about the information that is similar to the topic. This means that information in the opposite of what the topic suggests is out of the study. Therefore, in such a case no one knows the true findings of the research. Lastly, there are many mathematical and statistical methods of calculating data. In all of them, the results tend to vary with one another showing that there is an error. Therefore, based on the facts of the above research there can never be a perfect research.

The Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction. Custom The Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction Essay Writing Service || The Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction Essay samples, help

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