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Rohden Ship Management Corporation. Custom Rohden Ship Management Corporation Essay Writing Service || Rohden Ship Management Corporation Essay samples, help

This paper focuses on Rohden Ship Management Corporation. When it comes to shipping, excellent management is critical for efficient and safe shipping operations and it consists of two elements. These are technical and crew management. Rohden Ship technical management ensures that the ships are maintained; thus, they run without the possibility for breakdowns. At the same time, there are other applicable requirements such as flag state legislation, international conventions and classification rules.

On the other hand, crew management involves the employment and control of the crew in accordance with the applicable national, international, and common codes of conduct (Lwin 2001). The shipping crew is responsible for cargo operation and ship maintenance. Ship management depends on many issues such as the backgrounds of the crew and the management style of the company. Recruitment to companies depends on agencies faced with the delegation. There is an increasing demand for crews on ships, which has been beneficial to the agencies as compared to the past. Presently they have a global reach, connecting candidates to shipping companies around the world, as shipping is now a global business. The figure below details the trends of employment in shipping in the global context.

Everyone has had the term captain used on a ship, and it is true, the captain is the most important crewmember on the ship, who bears most responsibility on the ship including the cargo. They are the ship’s representative at every port. In the past, there were only officers and a seaman, but this has changed due to changes in technology, increasing new departments that need personnel. The engine and bridgework is different from each other and requires for different duties in these sectors. The structure of ships in the Rohden shipping company follows a captain in charge followed by a chief mate and a 1st engineer.

When a ship is at port, it is quite common that a few members are on duty due to the loading and unloading of cargo. They also refill heavy fuel and conduct engine maintenance in addition to dealing with the local agents and regulation systems. A larger workforce supports the engineers and officers, which include seamen and apprentices like me. The seamen carry out various manual and technical tasks such as loading/unloading cargo, paint jobs, mooring the ships, and engine repair. The composition of the crew depends on the shipping company’s nationality. In most cases, such as Rohden, the crew would be comprised of a maximum of two nationalities, however, some crews are to have even seven (Brinkmann, 2007).

The current improvement in technology and the way of doing things implies that shipping companies have to reduce their staff in take in the future. At present, this is not possible, because of numerous tasks that need human labor. The current highly competitive markets are the best candidacies for efficient and cost effective ways of operation. On a legitimate scale, the profits may be increased by reduction of accidents, stoppages, and wastage.

One should implement a management system based on the safety and environmental protection covers every individual involved. Although, if it was to work, and the company forecast for growth then the company should have a strong and sound policy as well as it should employ the personnel with a combination of the right skills and knowledge. Involvement of executive personnel in decision-making is also quite vital (Lwin 2001). Their views on the way the company should be run and their dedication to the company’s success are reflected in the company’s policy.

Rohden Ship Management Corporation. Custom Rohden Ship Management Corporation Essay Writing Service || Rohden Ship Management Corporation Essay samples, help

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