How did Native Responses to European Activities Affect the Direction that Colonies Took


The initial response of the Native Americans were the Europeans were despicable human beings, as they showed intolerance for the Native American religious beliefs as well as ways of life. They believed that the Europeans do not like movement so they regularly built permanent structures. While Europeans considered nature as an enemy, the Native American believed differently. Actually the main purpose of the most European settlers was to become rich. Like the 16th century Spaniards, they all first came to find wealth and later to serve God’s path. These people first robbed the freedom of the Native Americans and often their lives, and secondly destroyed their culture.


We can say that mostly the English people settled in the Atlantic seaboard which is the boundary of present day America on a massive scale. That really displaced many Native Americans, as these people were not really important to the English economy. Hence the Native Americans were viewed as an obstacle to the development and progress. Different types of diseases had ravaged the Native people at that time. Later different acts were passed to restrict the native Indians. For example, the Indian Removal Act of 1830 restricted the Native Americans in the West of the Mississippi River. Removal of these people though not mandatory, became a regular issue and often brutal force was used. Actually the US expansion took everything from the natives while the Europeans were gaining property and property rights.  


The Native Americans had been stereotyped as immature and superstitious. They made them appear like prehistoric people. The courageous warriors were termed savages, and basically they were on the verge of extinction. Actually the European settlers claimed all the rich lands as well as the freedom of the Native Americans. The Natives had nothing to do to answer these men back. They slowly accepted their fate and went on to the verge of extinction. Still today, we see Native Indians inAmerica, but they do belong with a lower category of citizens.



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