A bibliography is, broadly speaking, a list of books and writings provided with their publication date. How is annotated bibliography different from it? It is a more detailed version of bibliography. Annotated bibliography writing is a slightly more complicated process. It entails including annotation, i.e. a note describing a bibliography entry. It explains or evaluates information that the bibliography entry contains. All academic writings and essays have bibliography in the end with all books and publications that the author has referred to. The author may use annotated bibliography writing in order to summarize the most essential for his/her research points. He/she describes the title, the topic and main arguments of the annotated bibliography entry. Besides, annotated bibliography writing should always contain the author’s evaluation of the source. It also contains the justification of exploiting the source in the research. It states whether a bibliography entry has been helpful for the essay. Contrary to annotated bibliography writing, annotation may contain only some of the above mentioned points or all of them, while they are obligatory for annotated bibliography.

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