The contribution of religion to civilization  in the middle East


The contribution of religion to civilization  in the middle East, Europe and Asia has elicited a heated debate across the globe. Towards this, a number historical commentators  have succinctly analyzed the concept of religion, civilization  and societal development. This paper takes a critical analysis of the impact of religion on early civilization in relation, economic and social development by answering a number of crucial questions asked. Religion played a critical role in civilization in the middle East, Europe and Asia. This is because it contributed to the enlightenment which formed the basis of many developments. These include art, politics, economics and social norms. In this regard, I agree with the scholar who believe that religion was critical in early civilizations  in the middle East, Europe and Asia. In Italy, religion was highly valued and religious leaders doubled as political leaders in the society.

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Religion and politics

Religion has a huge impact on politics in the early period of  300 BCE until 1500 CE (12). This is because religion was part of politics. It was difficult to differentiate the boundary between politics and religion. For instance, in Europe most religious leaders were so powerful and were involved in political issues of the day. Religion prescribes the kind of leadership, values and societal norms. In this regard, politics were immensely influenced by religion. For instance, the pyramids in Egypt had both religious and political connotation. The pyramids were built to show the supremacy and political powers of the Pharaos. In this regard, Islamic religion contributed to political growth in the middle east. Religion promoted agriculture was the pillar of economic prosperity during these early days. This is because the sacrifice which were part of religion practices called for farming.

Religion  and economics

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Economics grew during the early days as a result of religion which made people to meet together. Since people could meet for prayers and festivals, it opened up opportunities for people to engage in economic activities which involved the exchange of good and services. The establishment of churches and mosque contributed to economic growth and prosperity of ancient cities such as Vatican, Mecca, Cairo among others. Consequently,  there is evidence showing that   Olmec religious had great  influence in artistic technique and  styles in  sites like Chalcatzingo. Economic development and stability was anchored on religious values in the society. People were supposed to pay levies and be truthful and obey their  rulers. Loyalty, which was characterized by early religion formed the foundation of constitutionalism and rule of law. 

Religion and society

Religion provided the values which formed part of people’s life in the society. Secondly, religion brought people together and promoted unity. It noted that during the early period of  300 BCE to 1500 CE there was hostility among the people. However, through religion, the element of civilization was established. This is because religion brought about rules and regulation which stipulated how people were supposed to behave in the society. In addition, religion influence formed part of culture which people valued in the societies. The Enlightenment concepts which were  the products of a several combination of religious practices  and intellectual ideas in Europe and Asia during 300 BCE until 1500 CE influenced ancient civilization. The religion and  enlightenment concepts established the social values that led the revolution which swept through Europe.

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Religion significantly played a critical role in early civilization in the middle East, Europe and Asia. This is because it was predominantly the order of the day.  The peoples’ life was strongly anchored on religion and therefore it influenced political, economic and social life in the society. In this regard, most scholars who believed that religion predominantly influenced civilization are right in my opinion.

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