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Significance of Multilingual Education

The notion of English -only or multilingual education in schools is of critical importance to students and the society. There is a need for introduction of multilingual education in schools as this will help students who speak English is a second language to cope with both languages. There are advantages that come hand-in-hand with multilingual education rather than English-only education. Therefore, the diversity of cultural differences in schools should incorporate multilingual education to enhance education to all students. This increases the motivation for students to learn English while preserving their own language. Multilingual education needs to be emphasized in elementary schools to eliminate the social burden, which is a deficit encountered in schools that provide English-only education (Rodriguez).

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The multilingual education will enhance students to use instructional material through their first language as this motivates and eases the potential of learning English as a new language. Adaptation of English only in education will have the possibility of students from other cultural groups to marginalize due to their inability to cope with new language. A lot of time is lost for ESL student where English-only is the education system to cope with learning. The advantage of multilingual education is that students are able to learn grammar of a new language, which is the biggest weakness, and speak English while they preserve their cultural language (Rodriguez). The pressure put on for ESL students does not prove to be perfect as students do not get good on either their language or English. This makes the students become targets of ridicule as they try to speak English.

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The English-only education has elicited a crisis where students are supposed to speak English in school thus, outlaw other cultural languages, which has the effect of continued punishment for students who speak their cultural language. These crises can be eliminated by the introduction of multilingual education as the cultural diversity is on the rise in the society. This will enhance the ESL students to learn English subsequently maintaining their language as this process is in favor with the two languages (Rodriguez).

The English-only laws and the punishment to students coupled with the derailment of the multilingual education have resulted in the cultural languages being devalued and hence discrimination against own language. This can have an effect on students due to the implication that their culture and language face problem in the country. It is, therefore, imperative for schools to teach culture and roots to enhance social interactions among students that subsequently results in a positive self-identity by clearly understanding the true selves that avoid drugs and violent criminal gangs (Rodriguez).

Multilingual education will have the effect that enhances great effort in dominating both English and cultural languages that eventually become major speakers in events due to the diversity of the linguistic skills. The students who learn multilingually have the advantage of multiple skills in languages they employ whenever possible. Multilingual education enhances students to achieve their goals in education without discrimination to other cultural groups, thus becoming an asset to the society.

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Multilingual education is important due to the diversity of multilingual society, which has emerged, and cannot be ignored by way of their cultures and languages. Thus, these societies should be and deserve the opportunities and support that has been offered to the English-only speakers. The support critically required is classes that have the capability of improving the English language and other cultural languages. This is due to the advantage that is accrued with the skills and student’s ability to speak more languages apart from English, and this should be true for a country to adopt more than one language to enhance a multicultural society (Rodriguez).

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