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Thr Determination

Describe a life experience that has shaped you. The goal of this essay is to get a sense of who you are, rather than what you have achieved professionally

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Since my youth, I have gained experience in life.  The nature of experiences that I have gone through in life has played a great role in shaping my perception towards me and others. I remember an accident when  I saved a kid from drowning. That day, I was walking home from college. I had to pass across the river Jordan along the bridge.  I felt uneasy. Suddenly, I heard a cry of a child down the river. I rushed back to check where the cry was coming from. I could not believe my eyes as a saw a kid of about ten years old screaming in the mid of a dam that was just below the bridge struggling for the final breath. I did not hesitate. I just put my bag down and dived into the water not caring were there some crocodiles or not. My determination was to save the child from drowning. Fortunately, I reached the child’s hand and pulled him from the water slowly. The child was almost unconscious, but after the first aid, he recovered.

This particular instance has always lingered in my mind. It taught me to help others while in danger. Sometimes, it takes an experience in order to learn. In life, anyone can fall into trouble. While in such a condition, your neighbors and friends may not be available to save you. Thus, it is common to find that you are being assisted by another person whom you did not even know. Therefore, it is important to respect everybody, because you do not know who will rescue when you are in trouble.

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In life, one should be prepared for different challenges. Just like the way I did not waste my time in saving the child, one should be ready to take any chance that life gives to. It is a common cliché to state that chances come once in a life time. However, it is true that once a chance is lost, it will never come back. In this case, if I lingered from diving into the water, the child could have drowned.

In life, it is important to be all rounded. One should not only focus on education as the only basic of life. One should be in a position to have diverse skills such as swimming. Virtually, I was able to save the child because I knew how to swim. One should be involved in various activities, especially sports in a tender age in order to apply such skills when needed.

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In life, one should also care about the welfare of others. No man is an island. Moreover, no one can live in isolation. We live together and help each other when the need arises. Thus, everyone has his or her role to play to ensure the society to be safe. In this case, if I did not care about the cry of the drowning kid, the child could have died. I remember how his family was happy with my action. Thus, it is good to be sensitive and empathize with the welfare of your fellow members. Consecutively, whatever you do in life, you should not do it to be seen or praised. You should endeavor to do well to others without expecting any recognition or payment.

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