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Sigmund Freud's Theory

Sigmund Freud began conducting his researches on the human behaviors and learning back in the 1880s; this was a century after the America and Europe continents had witnessed the reforms of the crazy asylum and the increased interest in the awareness on the abnormal physiological conditions and precisely the issue of the nervous disease. The nervous system was the first phenomena that Sigmund studied; he started with that one of a fish before making later progressions. Freud was more interested in finding the scientific grounds for this evolutionary learning theory; his aspect of the learning theory was based on the development human beings

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0-2 years - In this developmental stage, all the desires of the individual are oriented towards the lips and the mouth, this is the oral phase as the mail learning concept is about eating. The individual is obsessed with its mother until in the later stages where it learns to identify the father. This is called the Oedipus complex that plays a main factor in the next developmental stages.

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2-4 years - Preceding the oral phase, the learning of the individual develops to the anal phase that involves both, the active and passive impulses. These impulses include the love of gazing due to the impulse to Scopophilia and the impulse to master things.  In accordance to Freud, this stage involves the individual learning and finding pleasure in aspects, such as defecation (William, 2002).

4-7 years - This is called the phallic stage of an individual; the productive organ of the individual becomes the center of fun and the main object in the body. The child finds fun in the process of urinating. It’s also in this stage that the child develops an ego.

7-12 years - This is the latency period whereby the development and learning of the individual is directed at the freedom from the parents, the individual shifts the love away from the mother to the father, in addition this stage, according to Freud, enables the individual to learn more beyond the childhood egoism and how to relate with other people (William, 2002)..

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13 years of age onward - The development of the individual over the latency phase allows him or her to move to the genital phase where the desire for the opposite sex members increases in order for the individual to fulfill the need to procreate and, thus, maintain the survival of the human species.

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