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Research, being a back born of any profession, is highly encouraged at the university. Its well furnished library with many law books enables successful research. I love doing research to find answers of many questions. This will give me an opportunity to get the answers and solve many problems people face. The institution also helps in shaping the world through education research and outreach. Moreover, its renowned law program and excellence in academics is very respectable and I am sure of benefiting from it. I am particularly driven, when I see its alumni imparting the world in the field of law.

The university’s state-of-the-art facilities and its location provides conducive environment for learning. Its proximity to the State’s Capitol which connects to the Michigan’s Supreme Court enables students to put in practice what they learn in class.

My main goal is to become a responsible and compassionate lawyer. Deep awareness of the suffering of others and empathy with fair judgment is my greatest gift. I want to pursue law because I want to change the thought of “the biggest people deserve the biggest share”. I want to see justice done both to the rich and poor. I want to help people solve their family problems amicably without conflicts and in the interest of all parties. After being admitted to the university and joined the student law body, I will be advocating for equal justice for all. Although people may come from different diversity, justice should prevail equally to all.



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