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Information about Education

Allow me to first of all air the sentiment that a good education is the single most important asset that every person should strive so hard to get if he or she is to ever make any impact in the society. Albeit with a lot of ups and downs, the journey is nonetheless an exciting one owing to the fact that it involves a rigorous schedule full of new experiences and concepts.

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I am the only child of a single mother who has struggled throughout her life to ensure that we have a decent life. We had to move from Chicago, IL to Highland in order to expose me to a better and diverse education. Despite us moving, every weekend I had to go to Chicago, IL and attend church with them due to our strong religious background.  I am also the first one in my entire family to attend college and this implies that everyone will be looking up to me for everything.

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Even though I am driven and still have a personal desire to pursue a career in (INSERT NAME OF THE CAREER) in your reputable institution, allow me to reiterate that my choice of career entirely depends on the advice and support that I will get from your institution. This is due to the fact that you have very qualified career choice advisors who I believe will play a major role in offering career advice that will enable me attain my career goals. Not only is your institution internationally recognized but it also has a long standing culture of helping students make informed career choices through career coaching and mentorship especially to those who lack information on the various courses available and their future prospects in terms of career growth. Your institution is also reputable for producing fully baked professionals with diverse skills and expertise something that I look forward to.

I depend on getting proper guiding and coaching from your well trained staff to enable me make the right choice of career. I am ready to be patient enough and seek your professional advice other than pursue a career that I am not passionate about.

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I am a hardworking and meticulous individual with excellent interpersonal, negotiation and organizational skills that I believe will be important in my future professon. I have the right attitude towards education and an active sports person who enjoys bowling and soccer.

I will further appreciate if considered for a scholarship to achieve my academic desire. I have no iota of doubt that I will perform exceptionally well during my stay in this institution. I look forward with awe to hear from you.

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