Lesson Plan

Unit name: BIO 202

Lesson title: Importance of flu and pneumonia vaccine for elderly

Grade level: Grade 7 biology

Time allotted for lesson: 1 hr. 30 min. 

Lesson description : pneumococcal infection in elderly is a main consideration stressing the demand for prevention. The flu or influenza vaccine is a supported and efficient approach of maintaining one’s health, prevent diseases, and even protect lives. As individuals age, there could be greater danger of problem of influenza. For this purposes, old age persons the age of 60 years and above are instructed to get a flu vaccine every year. The influenza vaccine is offered free especially to the old. Inform your local public health officer or doctor to obtain the flu or influenza vaccine shot. The influenza vaccine is appropriate. In fact, the vaccine is has dead influenza viruses, which may not bring flu. Ordinary responds to the medication entails soreness or redness for 2 or 3 days after the vaccine was delivered.     

Behavioral objectives: the elderly may not be aware of the existence of flu vaccine, therefore the objective of this lesson is to create awareness while at the same time providing basic methods that the patients may use before they get the vaccine.  The elderly population now forms a bigger population than before and statistics shows that globally this group has increase from 7 to 12 %. The elderly gives more problems for public health system because they suffer often from severe illnesses than the young.   Cognitive objective is to ensure the aging thinking is focused towards the healing process. While on the other hand, using motor action for demonstration and rolling out the steps.

Affective objective: By the end of this lesson, the students are supposed to be well informed on the importance of flu and influenza vaccine, and as adults should lead the community to take the vaccine and protect their future generation.

Outline and teaching methods:

  1. Introduction:
  2. Types of elderly vaccination (for this case discuss only Flu vaccine/pnx vaccine).  
  3. Importance of flu vaccine
  4. When and where to get the vaccines
  5. Summary

Methods: since this group comprises of mainly the elderly, demonstration will mainly be used as a teaching method. This may be aided by visual presentations and use of charts and diagrams. Blackboard will be handy while drawing chats and visual presentations.   

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Classroom layout and grouping of students: the students comprises of elderly students who are above the normal learning age. Some students, however, are young and need special attention for both of them to be on a level ground. The class is thus comprised of all age students and need proper attention. For these reasons, the class need to be grouped according to students’ level of understanding and according to their needs, some require special attention to internalize the concepts and this shall be offered during their free time.   

Performance indicators: The national subjects have been revised many times and students can now choose between the optional subjects and the other for improved academic performance. This gives students flexibility to excel in fields they are comfortable to deal with and attain to grades.

Learner assessment: all students will be assessed after every lesson by giving them short structured questions and throughout the lesson; students will be required to participate actively. Students are supposed to produce reports on their progress and submit their notes for verifications after every week. This should include database, drawings, slideshows, discussion questions, etc.

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Summary: the class was successful as most of the members participated actively. The short structure questions were also handed over with most of them having answered all the questions, but some needed private assistance.    

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