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Quitting College Effect

Most students often think that education is not important for survival. Due to their naivety, they believe that being educated is a waste of time because their great-grand parents survived without education. They feel like dropping out of school and call it quits, but what they fail to understand is that education is very important in the present-day society.  It is has been established that only 56 percent of those enrolled for a four-year college course earn their bachelor’s degrees (Lewis, 2010). In this regard, this paper will highlight the causes and effects of quitting school.

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The causes of quitting college are certainly many and consistent. First of all, many students drop out of college as a result of financial constraints. Once a student joins college, he or she will need money for tuition and other amenities. Every college student is entitled to quality education; but in many instances, finding money to get this education is not easy. It is asserted that the average cost of funding a college degree is about $35,000 annually. Nonetheless, many parents find it difficult to afford this. As a result, many students have no choice but to pack their belongings and head back home to pursue other activities.

Some students quit school as a result of academic failure.  Many college students find it easy in high school, but things go wrong in college because of their unpreparedness and the additional efforts that are required to make it through college. After several attempts to pass exams fail, withdrawal starts rolling in, and in the long run they quit school for a life that is supposedly less challenging. Another cause of college dropouts result from family issues. There are times when a student’s personal life will interfere with his or her ability to clear college. Family issues range from death of a parent, a loved one falling ill, and loss of job by the student’s parent. Drug and alcohol abuse also make many college students to quit school. Unlike in high school where students were restricted from bad behavior, college life is fun because it allows students to experiment.. Students who abuse drugs often find it difficult to study, which leads to failure of exams. Most importantly, many college students quit school because they lack guidance from teachers and counselors. In high school, educators were able to guide students, but in college, students fail to get encouragement and personalized attention from their lecturers.

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Quitting college can have both negative and positive impacts of the quitter. Although quitting college has the potential of affecting the finances and changing the personality of the student, it also allows the quitter to achieve financial success or even transform him or her into a knowledgeable employee ().  Moreover, if a student quits college and never goes back, he or she should be prepared for less pay. It has been established that college graduates earn $20,000 more in yearly income, than those with high school diplomas.

It has been established that quitting college impacts the self-esteem of the quitter. College dropouts are often labeled as losers by friends and family who view dropping out of school as a negative. The quitter’s self worth is often impacted as a result of the immense criticism that a quitter receives. It has been established that quitters usually develop a habit of quitting everything that they find challenging, such as marriages, parenthood, leadership and jobs. Getting a college education does not guarantee an individual a plum job in multinational firms, but it ensures that the college graduate does not end up working as shop assistants or cleaning windows.  There are high chances of a quitter to default on their college loans as compare to those who earn their degrees. Considering that a student was awarded a loan to pay tuition, it doesn’t matter if the students quits or clears college, but he or she must repay that loan (Peek, 2010).

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In conclusion, it is imperative that students clear their college education.  With an education, one can survive better in the society. Moreover, one will not depend on other people because he or she will be able to take care of his or her problems. Additionally, one will be able to handle issues more effectively and make sense out of life. This means that education arms an individual with the tools that he or she needs to develop in life.

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