Children Coaches

This is an article analysis on the characters of the Children Coaches. Parents are really concerted on if they are responsible for their deeds and how the parents should ensure that the couches have the skills and personal character which they would like their children to have. I do agree with some of the traits written by the author of article while I do not agree to some of them. For example I do not agree that a responsible Coach should not be soft, because the coach is dealing with children and they should be as soft as possible to be able to relate to the children. If they are not soft children will not feel free to relate with him and they will do the training in fear hence they will not develop interest in the sports being taught.

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However, I do agree with the arguments that the player should be guaranteed safety and the coaching athletes should master their sports. I would use my Strengths of leadership as being influential to encourage many parents to take their children for sports training as it is good for their health. I would as well advice them not to interfere with professional coaches to do their training as its supposed to be as sometime they do influence them hence being not to achieve the standards meant for training. 

However, for successful training in sports there should be fully participation of all stakeholders but they should not be interfered with. Sports are essential in youth development and sports development enhances team work not only in the games but also in their social perspective.

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