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Immaculate University Should Have more International Students

The number of foreign students attending American schools is increasingly growing from the years 2008 to date. For this reason, Immaculate University needs to have more international students due to the fact that the United States remains the top destination for foreign students. In addition, there are several advantages of international students in Immaculate University. This concept will serve our local community an economic boost as international student contribute an estimate of $17.6-billion to the economy U.S. My intended approach on this matter of international students is to eye countries like India. I have developed strategies that, first, will convince the Indian parents and guardians that the U.S is a safe place and study and second the securing of jobs on completion of courses by the Indian students as one of my main targets

Upon my researches on the issue of foreign students, these students serve as main solutions to the main issues affecting the international student issues such as economic crisis back at their countries and even in the United States. In addition, the international students serve as convenient guide for the identification and adoption for the best practices for serving the foreign students. I have interviewed several foreign students in china and India and their main concern is lack of jobs in the U.S after completion of the course thus making the study less significant. The IU online degree completion program is an aspect that works well for the University academic performance. However, the practice needs to be improved on in order to accommodate more important courses. The online program only offers few courses. The practice of Drexel community hat offers personal experience with the American life and culture should be incorporated to IU University. This will enable the stay of international students more comfortable when they get jobs in the U.S. the online program should be scrapped off, students are able to complete their courses online, this only makes them pass examinations but do not acquire the right skill of the various working environments. One of the most prevailing factors in my proposal is easy and secure stay and most importantly the provision of job opportunities for international students In the U.S.



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