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Sports has for a long time been used as an ideal alternative of earning a college scholarship to sturdy a degree. Students with tremendous talents in sports are most likely to secure such scholarships as long as they continue displaying exemplary results in athletics. Besides acquiring a scholarship, an athlete benefits from free training from qualified coaches. Skills learned in such trainings are of great benefit when it comes to perfection of one’s talent. Sports are very important and useful when getting a college degree and free training.

First, sports enable an athlete sturdy in institutions that are globally recognized. Such learning institutions offer quality education and they are known to have excellent lectures. America has the best colleges and universities and almost all of them have programs where students with great athlete skills are sponsored.

Higher learning institutions get recognition by different employers in the world. When an athlete successfully goes through the system and passes well enough, he/she becomes marketable and can easily be employed into any job matching his field of sturdy.

Education options are very many and an athlete can comfortably work out his way in sports and still not affect the class work. This flexibility is made possible due to the fact that America school system makes use of credit units.

Once an athletics’ scholarship is approved in America, an individual have a total of a 100% success rate. This is so because any acceptance into the schools program guarantees at least 9 scholarships offer.

An athlete benefits from free training, research and access to modern technology. These colleges and universities have strong connections with both employers and researchers in all fields of sturdy. This helps the athlete gain free experience in practical trainings which is a compulsory program for one to graduate.

College life subjects someone to a lot of exposure. One is able to make friends with people from all over the world and learn their different cultures. This becomes an added advantage because one gains knowledge on how to deal with variety kinds of people met in one’s life. Campus friends may turn out to be great business partners in future and one may also get a spouse from such institutions.

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Education is knowledge and power. Sports have an upper hand in enabling athlete gain knowledge on how to effectively spend the much money they make while representing their native countries in World Olympics and or in the international competitions. An educated athlete with have the power to make firm and sound decisions concerning their talents without following their personal coaches and managers blindly.

Countries have a task and an obligation of encouraging their athletes to use their athletic abilities to visit America and receive college education. The country most probably the ministry concerned with sports should be on the forefront helping athletic students gain knowledge about existence of athletic scholarships and ways through which they can secure such chances.

The countries should organize trade fairs and exhibitions and invite American colleges offering degrees to excellent athlete and National Collegiate Athletic Association to bring the home information that many athletes wishing to sturdy abroad may be unaware of.

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In native countries, there are many scam centers that are known as recruit service centers or sports marketing service centers. They cheat young and innocent athletes of their money and time with vague promises of helping them fly to America for sports purposes. At the end, the individuals realizes they have been conned when it’s too late and they tend to completely lose hope of ever getting college scholarships or the need to continue applying for one. To avoid this, the country should revoke the licenses given to recruiting canters that are not valid.

The country should help mould its young citizens from as early as high school to become great sportsmen and women in the future. This can be done through organizing annual national sports tournaments. This helps young people perfect their talents and increasing their chances of being noticed by American colleges offering international scholarships on such deserving athletes.

The country should impart knowledge to athletes on issues concerning recruitment processes, divisions of NCAA and colleges is such divisions, relationship between athletic scholarship opportunities and division, eligibility to athletic scholarships among others.

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International athletics are the competitions held by nations of athletics and are usually held periodically in the world. College athletics are competitions planned and funded by institutions of tertiary education like colleges. College athletics are authorized by organizations like National Collegiate Athletic Association, National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics and National Junior College Athletic Association. International athletes affect college athletics in several ways.

According to Kissinger,Miller athletic skills of an international athlete which are more superior may negatively collegiate athlete competition in United States. This occurs in cases where athlete department become hesitant in drawing negative attention to their colleges and decides to choose to put off the recruitment of international athletes in favor of domestic


International athletes benefit their teams more than their college counterparts. International students are perceived to posses’ better academic and work ethic, high level of personal maturity and highly goal oriented. This causes the NCAA coaches and public institution coaches to include more international athletes on their teams. This affects college athletes as their recruitment rate is minimal.

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