Summary and Recommendation


            Zoe needs to be assisted with an approach that is exceptionally comprehensive and that links academic and social emotional learning together. Given the fact that Zoe’s score is below average for children her age, a number of measures that will enable a comprehensive approach to assist her case need be sensitive to her needs and bent on yielding positive results.
            Based on the test that Zoe took, there is an observation that Zoe's general morale is low. This calls for a number of activities and tasks to intervene on the issues at hand. This measures when religiously followed will help boost her morale and confidence. Zoe’s low morale can be pointed from the fact she kept on looking at the children and swinging her legs and moving about the chair. Below are the measures that will help push her morale a level higher.
            Zoe should join or form a group that will support her boost her morale. This is possible with the intervention of the parent who should play a more active role in the formation and activities of the support group. A support group will be a proper ground for Zoe can meet and make new friends with children going through difficult and dark moments in their lives.
            Where the support group is not a possibility or the option, can not work out, the teachers and parents of Zoe should look for resources. These are magazines or websites where people get to share about their experiences and how they handle them. In this context, the magazines or resources sought should be friendly to Zoe in terms of content and graphics.
            That the parents now need to start, if they had not been doing so, helping Zoe do her homework and be her guide on how best she can tackle the questions and challenges. The active role that a parent plays in helping the child does her homework and does it properly is vital in the child’s treatments plan. The fact that the parent takes the child seriously and has the chance to note how the child is fairing will boost the child’s confidence.
            Where the child can not or does not understand a concept, the parent or the teacher should take time to explain to the child what it is or was about. This applies to when jokes are part of the talk or when the children are watching a program on television. In implementing this basic and indispensable task, Zoe will not be frustrated for being unable join her peers on jokes and other issues that matter to them. This will go along in improving the child’s self-esteem.
            Lastly, the parents and teachers should look out for that one thing that Zoe is specifically devoted to. This involves outdoor activities and interests. Whatever it is that makes and keeps her happy, busy can be used to help her manage and overcome challenges in her life. Whatever little achievement that she does make, no matter how little should never go unnoticed. She should be praised for her achievements as this shows her that all the parties involved, especially the teachers and parents, care for her and appreciate her.

     With more parental involvement, social skills support, in class aides, sourcing of a resources room, the challenges faced by Zoe can be effectively handled. The availability and strict follow and implementation of the recommendations will be instrumental in Zoe’s social functioning, achievement and motivation. Dealing with Zoe’s self-esteem and giving her more materials and resources will aid in countering her Learning disability.

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