Working in Groups

A group is a collection of individuals who exhibit mutual interests, have frequent contact and regular interactions, and work hand-in-hand to achieve set objectives and goals. Working in groups is very important, because group work allows for creativity, efficiency and time management.

Working in groups enables members to share the workload, and thus, save time. It is apparent that when many people handle a single project together, they are able to accomplish the assigned duty diligently, the and at a faster pace. This ensures that the assigned duty is completed within the stipulated time frame. On the same note, groups enable members to improve on their time manage skills. Considering that groups must organize meeting times and ensure that members adhere to the decided time, members are able to manage their time. This is because must observe and stick to the scheduled meeting time (Jaque, 2007).

Working in group also allows individual members to share their creative ideas, which is advantageous to other members. By working in group, members are able to bring forth their skills in a concentrated way, and coordinate these skills with those of other members to produce a desirable result. Mutual brainstorming, advices and suggestions within groups allows members to generate new ideas, and this helps in bringing out the creativity in the assigned duties. Due to the creativity of individual members, other members are able to develop a sense of belonging and identify as well as deepening their skills, knowledge, attitudes and values.

Working in groups also leads to efficiency. This is because the potentials and efforts of individual members are fully utilized for the intended purpose or task. Efficiency culminates from the ability of individual members to use their experience and talent to contribute to the success of the group’s objectives. Although the group work concept has grown in recent years, the success of working in groups is not automatic. To ensure success, groups must be formed for the right reasons. Group member selection will also determine the success of the group, as well as ensuring that the group’s objectives are clear and agreed upon. Each member must be ready and willing to cooperate and participate.

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