Ophelia's Love for Hamlet

Shakespeare is one of novels that contain a story based on love. There are many topics in this novel that gives different stories on how some of the characters in the stories or topics tend to carry out their duties depending on the kind of situation they are in. One of the topics in this novel tends to give a story of a strong relationship that existed between Ophelia and Hamlet. The relationship here was based on love. The two as depicted in this book were in a strong spell of love though there was still some doubt whether one could only be cheating on the other. The book ties to bring out some of the reasons why people or most readers were in a doubt on whether the two were really in love or not. The story is also based on some questions that tend to be seeking for clarification about some of the activities in the story.

The story between Hamlet and Ophelia was contradicting as it can be seen in some sentences that give the quotes of Hamlet's speech. At one point of the sentence' Hamlet says he had loved Ophelia once. This statement meant that he was not in a position of heartbreaking Ophelia as his quotes spoken all the feeling he had for Ophelia. On the other hand in relation to another statement that clearly gave his speech later, he tends to reject her due to the betrayal he experienced. This balance in the stand of Hamlet made Ophelia to wonder whether Hamlet really had feelings for her. The agenda behind Hamlet's speech was only pegged on the difficulties he faced in the relationship (Cantor, 1999).

There many things that could make Hamlet to feel betrayed by almost all the people he had trust for. This doubt on whether the relationship was genuine has been one a hard nut to crack especially to the readers who are interested in understanding the concepts of the book. Though the relationship is based on troubles, there is still some a hidden evidence or proofs that the two had a strong feeling towards each other just as depicted by certain speeches and behaviors of the characters in this book. At the end of this story readers begin to realize that there was an existence of love in the story, and both of the two parties were not willing to let go any one between them (Farley-Hills, 1997). It can also be said that the emotions of Hamlet brought some confusion that made him say certain things that never existed. All the words he said are believed to have been uttered out of anger.

Ophelia can also be seen in the story as tries to defend Hamlet claiming that Hamlet has a true and a real love for her. This is seen when Ophelia brings out all her vows to defend hamlet during the speech she gives to some of the characters in the story. Earlier before all these speeches that she delivered in a conversation, she had received a letter from Hamlet that expressed his true feeling towards her. This is one of the things that made Ophelia to believe Hamlet was really in love with her as this letter was mainly based on love and expressed the feelings of Hamlet. Hamlet feigns toward Ophelia pretending that she did not have any feeling of love for her. This made Hamlet to reject and insult Ophelia who was then to a nunnery. Hamlet's reaction then forces him to express all he had to his mother. He was also aimed at making Ophelia to have pain throughout the story. There was a big obstacle that blocked the window of opportunity for the two. This obstacle was believed to be nunnery. With nunnery, all the efforts of hamlet for showing his love to Ophelia was all in vain because it seemed as if they were dwelling on the impossible. Hamlet was believed to be doing this so as to escape the spying trap that was aimed at investigating the relationship between him and Ophelia.

As far as this action is concerned, there is more that meets the eye or more behind the scenes. The relationship was carried out in some kind of secrecy and all this were to protect Ophelia from any bad experience that could fall upon her. From this reaction, it can be said that Hamlet had a true love and feelings for Ophelia. Nunnery did not want anything to do with love for if this was noticed, then the victim was to be expelled from nunnery. No one was to associate closely with an opposite sex as this was one of the greatest offences that were highly punishable. Hamlet also had a reason for breaking ties with at all costs so as to meet his missions and objectives that were based on a revenge for his father's death. There is a strong picture in the story that also expresses the love Hamlet had for Ophelia and this can be seen when Hamlet goes to the graveyard scene where Ophelia is buried and gives out all his feelings for Ophelia that was more than any other persons feeling he had.

The death of Ophelia seemed as a normal dream to Hamlet as he could not believe that she was dead. There was some sense of irony in the story because many people did not want to believe that Ophelia and Hamlet shared a strong relationship. The relationship in this case seemed to have been up to no good as they did not enjoy any kind of commitment in their relationship. The death of Ophelia seemed to have reveled a lot of secrets that were behind the scenes. To show that Hamlet was truly in love with Ophelia is how he reacted to protect Ophelia from contacting any problem in the nunnery. He did not want anyone to know that they were in love as this could only cause more complications, not to him but to Ophelia.

To many readers, this could have been some kind of irony that had no roots as they could not see any possibility of one loving a person he hated. During Ophelia's life time, Hamlet hated her with passion and talked all sorts of nonsense about her. The relationship behind all these talks can be said to have been some kind of imagination. Hamlet in this case did not tell Ophelia what was on his mind totally but only told her some of the partial things that he felt for their relationship. He though that Ophelia could see to her self the things behind all the actions he engaged in. Ophelia was always totally confused as he did not no the stand of Hamlet. The feeling of Hamlet varied from one occasion to the other as even his proclaimed lover did not have some bits of understanding for all his doings.

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Ophelia passed away without having any known any stand of his lover Hamlet. As it can be seen in the story, on Ophelia's side, there were no doubts are his true feelings could be seen. The feeling Ophelia had for Hamlet was so string that could not be compared to any other relationship. Actually, this was more than any relationship or feeling she had for her family members and any other person. Hamlet is depicted in this story to be involved in some kind of regrets after Ophelia's death (Cohen, 2000). This can be seen in Ophelia's graveyard where he does not believe that the grave was meant for her. He cries for having wasted the opportunity he had for making good use of the relationship they shared with Ophelia. He also says and gives his final feelings for Ophelia in her grave saying that the love he had for Ophelia was greater and higher than any other mountain that seemed to be the tallest. This truly and clearly shows Hamlet's final stand on the matter of his relationship with Ophelia.

The final saying he uttered also shows how the relationship really brought a lot of lessons in his life as he claimed that one cannot see the importance of love he has for somebody unless he or she is gone. This death almost made Hamlet to run mad as he could not still believe that Ophelia a one time lover of his was gone and he could never meet or see him again. What made Ophelia to cheat or betray Hamlet was to fulfill her father's wishes. This made Hamlet to start staying away from her as he did not by then truly trust her due to the betrayal. This made Hamlet to start thinking negatively about her hence causing a lot of problems in their relationship. Because of all these, Hamlet treated her harshly due to the hardships he was going through. The hardships made Hamlet to have a lot of negative thinking that never existed in his mind earlier (Burnett, 1998).

All the actions of Hamlet could have an interpretation that could clearly bring to meaning the purposes of all that Hamlet intended to do or perceive. According to the interpretation given in this story, all Hamlets' actions were aimed at some hidden targets that he himself did not want to expose to anyone. He hid this from Ophelia as he did not also want Ophelia to know his intensions but to see them for herself. Hamlet wanted to prevent anyone from marrying Ophelia as he wanted her for himself alone. He had various chains of plans of removing Ophelia from nunnery after he was fully settled and ready for marriage. Hamlet seemed to be giving his notions behind all the happenings of life. He says he trusted no man and the only person he could trust was Jesus. This made him to force Ophelia into nunnery where he could not meet any man. From this action, it can be clearly seen that Hamlet was full of jealousy and the only way he could help curb this was to involve in the actions depicted by the story (Bradley, 1999).

A clear evidence of these actions could also be seen when Hamlet share some of his opinions with Ophelia. He tells Ophelia some of his reasons for driving her into nunnery. The mistrust is something that Hamlet realizes later that is bad and one should not therefore listen or be controlled by humanity to do something of which he do not have a clear meaning to. This is one of the things that he says that he has learnt about the world. Hamlet had a strong feeling for the relationship they share but could not enjoy it to the fullest due to the difficulties he went through in the relationship (Thompson, 2000). All the actions he involved in were due the love he had for Ophelia. It can also be said that Hamlet was driven by a strong feeling of love that left him into confusion.

The story further tells us on how Ophelia felt before her death and the kind of words she uttered. She had a feeling that Hamlet had left and let her go. Before Hamlet who was pretending to have hated her could respond, she found out that she had died and there was nothing else he could do but only to cry for the wasted opportunity. All these things give some flow and brainwork to the readers of this novel based on the story. Ophelia was also bound by some of the problems he could not avoid. All these problems are said to have been pegged on the father's wishes that she had to fulfill.

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The decisions made by Hamlet in this story were also not ideal as it only brought a series of problems in their way. The perception of the readers clearly shoes that there is some bits of misunderstanding or contradiction n the story. Hamlet as per the book's interpretation, was strongly in love with Ophelia though he pretended but for a keen reader or follower of the story, it can be seen from the actions that the talk and critics behind all these insults and hate Hamlet had for Ophelia were too much and these must have been a reason behind all these causes of actions. Hamlet in this story did not have a full time relationship with Ophelia and this is one of the reasons that made people not to understand the kind of relationship the two had for each other in the story (Bloom, 2003).

The relationship in this story or topic was not carried out normally as it was run in an ordinary manner. This was so due to the prevailing circumstances that brought a lot of difficulties in the lives of the two partners. Some of the thing that also contributes to this hidden relationship was the reactions of many people who could not imagine or those who could not be comfortable with the relationship. This applied only to men. This was one of the decisions that Hamlet made so as to protect his Image from the rest. He wanted to rub off the mentalities that many people had towards their relationship with Ophelia. This was so because, rumors had started spreading likes a bush fire everywhere on the issues pertaining to their relationship. This, to Hamlet was dangerous and could bring some mess in this relationship they shared. There are some of the advisors that could contribute largely or greatly in ruining their relationship. He therefore wanted the whole crowd of people to have a belief that he hated Ophelia and nothing could bring them together or to the same way of thinking/ opinion (Barnet, 2002).

From this book, it can therefore be said that the two had a strong relationship for each other. The only problems that the two lovers faced was time and misunderstanding. It can also be concluded that the relationship was based on misunderstandings and problems that could not enable them be in harmony. They both hard some kind of mental stress that was brought about by the actions they both did for each other. From the last actions of Hamlet, it can be fully seen and supported that the two were in a deep love for each other though they did not want to express it. They both stayed in a dormant stand where no one knew the attitude of the other towards him or her. It can therefore be concluded that, the two were in love and Hamlet had a strong feeling of love towards Ophelia. Despite all the betrayals and clashes in the story, the fact remains that Hamlet had that deep love for Ophelia.

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