White Noise

In "white Noise", page 46 and 47 is where we use theexcerptthatis usedin the essay discussion. Here, we find Jack who weare toldof as a person who is trying toweighthe "divinity" that he suspects to be anelementof the electronic media. Afterjargoningwith his checkbook, Jack figures theamountestimatedto be in his bank account. He goes ahead to the ATM and confirms if theestimatehe has in his head is the same as that broadcasted on the ATM screen. A sigh of relief falls upon him when he realizes that theestimatein his mind coincides with the one on the screen. While this takes place, aderangedmanis being escortedout of the bank by a security officer. Why does Jack findreliefwhile this is happening?

Jack'sreliefdoes notemanatefrom the fact that the bank is the safest place in theworldto keep his money. Instead, Jack's mindis liberatedby the fact that an "invisible" form ofaccountkeeping assures him that whenever he is in need of his money, whether or not the bankis robbed, he willgetit. Heis amazedby the "divinity" that the electronic media saying that is had "blessed his life". The reaffirmation that the ATM gave him is all that he needs to get. He does not seem totrustthe calculations that he may be given by a bank teller about his account balance, since he maycreatean error while doing his calculations.

In today'ssetting, there may be a few details that one has to reassure himself of before putting alltrustin the electronic media. Today, the amount of hacking that one canencountermay be asetbackin thetrustmany people like Jack of the electronic machines. Cybercriminal hackers are making it extremely difficult for reassurance ofsafetythat the electronic mediagivetobankaccount holders. In this case, the "divinity" that Jack had expressed at that time may be replaced byquestionabledoubt. At this era, it is necessary toinvolvethe bank teller, just toconfirmabout the details of one's current account. Thetellermost likely willdrawhis information from the main server of the bank account, which does not have to travel over the Internet into the ATM. Otherwise,stillmay be bound toreceivewronginformation from the ATM screen.



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