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White Noise. Custom White Noise Essay Writing Service || White Noise Essay samples, help

In "white Noise", page 46 and 47 is where we use the excerpt that is used in the essay discussion. Here, we find Jack who we are told of as a person who is trying to weigh the "divinity" that he suspects to be an element of the electronic media. After jargoning with his checkbook, Jack figures the amount estimated to be in his bank account. He goes ahead to the ATM and confirms if the estimate he has in his head is the same as that broadcasted on the ATM screen. A sigh of relief falls upon him when he realizes that the estimate in his mind coincides with the one on the screen. While this takes place, a deranged man is being escorted out of the bank by a security officer. Why does Jack find relief while this is happening?

Jack's relief does not emanate from the fact that the bank is the safest place in the world to keep his money. Instead, Jack's mind is liberated by the fact that an "invisible" form of account keeping assures him that whenever he is in need of his money, whether or not the bank is robbed, he will get it. He is amazed by the "divinity" that the electronic media saying that is had "blessed his life". The reaffirmation that the ATM gave him is all that he needs to get. He does not seem to trust the calculations that he may be given by a bank teller about his account balance, since he may create an error while doing his calculations.

In today's setting, there may be a few details that one has to reassure himself of before putting all trust in the electronic media. Today, the amount of hacking that one can encounter may be a setback in the trust many people like Jack of the electronic machines. Cybercriminal hackers are making it extremely difficult for reassurance of safety that the electronic media give to bank account holders. In this case, the "divinity" that Jack had expressed at that time may be replaced by questionable doubt. At this era, it is necessary to involve the bank teller, just to confirm about the details of one's current account. The teller most likely will draw his information from the main server of the bank account, which does not have to travel over the Internet into the ATM. Otherwise, still may be bound to receive wrong information from the ATM screen.

White Noise. Custom White Noise Essay Writing Service || White Noise Essay samples, help

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