Improving Writing

In chapter seven of the book, Trimble speaks about readability. One of the tips discussed in this chapter effort to avoid an authoritative position in writing as a way of covering up lack of skills and knowledge. Based on this tip, I believe one way to improve on writing would be better planning and taking a simple approach while writing. It is far much better to make use of fewer words with a simple language and approach that communicates the ideas gathered in the subject. There is a magnificent beauty in simplicity and how it takes a good flow in reading.

Proper planning breaks bad habits of writing like the ones Trimble is warning against where the writer sounds authoritative. Most importantly, planning and good organizations makes the writer flow and develop the work without hurdles. The writer writes faster and establishes a good natural flow. It leaves the writer in a position to write in a natural manner rather than making an effort to match analysis to raw facts and details in a complex way.

Planning and taking a simple approach puts the writer in a position to write concrete topics and thus developing good work without the need to worry about the kind of task that requires accomplishment. With this, the writer stands a better chance to evade conflicting ideas and promote cohesion in the writing. Simplicity in the choice of words makes the writer avoid writing long sentences which may be equated to a paragraph.

This happens so in the instance where the writer feels there is a need to expound on the complex words used while writing. Trimble's tip on avoiding this authoritative position is very important as well because the writer may be tempted to write about their feelings instead of presenting facts about the topic. The writer's position should not be compelled or in any way influenced by external forces including the audience. Proper planning and a non-complex approach can really be a good way of enhancing the assertion made by Trimble on this tip.



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