Annotated Bibliography

Aqli,M, M. "Women in Somali Society."

Aqli has noted that Somali women play an important role in peace building efforts and efforts to raise both living and education standards in their country. Through their involvement in literature and civil society, women have found a channel through which they air their grievances and enlighten members of the society. Aqli notes that women through literature and civil societies have made an impact that no one thought they would in a patriarchy dominated country. In future their voices are likely to shape political, economic and social spheres.

Osman, A, A. (2008). The Role of Women in Post-Conflict Reconstruction: A Case Study of Sudan and Somalia. Research Report in Social Anthropology2008:1, 223-230.

Osman's study was solely aimed at investigating the role of women in post conflict Sudan and Somalia. The author has taken keen interest in examining the role played by women in Somalia. His research has found out that women have a limited role in political, social and economic issues in Somalia. In the post conflict period, women have risen to the occasion and taken up active. In the current era, women in Somalia and involved in designing education programs meant to benefit fellow women and children. Osman has also found out that women in this country have formed organizations whose objective is to help women deal with post-trauma issues. Precisely, the author has found out that both in Somalia and Sudan, women have been able to rise above stereotypes. Their presence in making decisions on matters affecting them can truly be felt.

Graney, D, W. (2008) Women's Rights in Somalia: Women's Role in Conflict Resolution. Orem, Utah: Utah Valley University.

In this article, the author has taken his time and completed a thorough research on what has been the role of women in Somalia since 1991 when Said Barre was overthrown. The author has found out that Somalia has been in turmoil since then and women and children have ever since found themselves on the receiving end. Though no ceasefire is on sight, the author found out that women play an important role in efforts aimed at bringing peace in their country. Graney notes that over 20 women organizations have played and will continue to play a pivotal role in reconciling the two warring factions in Somalia; one in south Mogadishu and the other in the north. Through education and enlightenment efforts women are likely to achieve their objective in due time.

Hassan, H. (2002). "Not housekeepers any more': Somali women of the Diaspora"

Due to civil strife women from Somalia have found refuge in countries they feel safe. In his article, Hassan has found out that women in the Diaspora are very much different from those who live in their native land. Those in the Diaspora are independent from chains of culture that prevent natives from doing certain things. Those in Diaspora, as opposed to their counterparts are liberated in almost all things. The former can freely divorce their spouse, are financially independent and live their daily lives like western women. The author notes that retrogressive culture is the main reason why women living in Somalia lag behind when it comes to matter of education and development. Culture and religious dogma prevent women in this land from achieving their full potential.

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Ntiri, D, W. Female education in Somalia: a survey to assess the situation and needs of women. Women and Girls' Education. (179) 1-15.

Ntiri's empirical research confirmed what had been his hypothesis. Before conducted his research he had reasoned that women education attainment standards were at an all time low. His research findings confirmed this and showed that there is a large disparity between male and female literacy. The author found that female students continue to be drawn from school as early as when they are only fourteen years old. This withdrawal is directly related to early marriages and the dreaded Somali act- female genital mutilation. Poor or lack or provision of basic necessities like clean water and firewood keeps females from attending school as they spend a lot of time searching for these necessities.

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