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Students have to submit a huge number of various academic papers in order to perform well and get a degree. However, some assignments are way more challenging than others. Article review writing becomes a real problem for many students because it is not an easy task to complete, especially when there is a pile of other papers to do. It is tough to fully understand how to write an article review because different professors might have different requirements for the paper’s contents and form. But this type of assignment is here to stay because colleges and universities believe that article reviews help develop and evaluate students’ writing and analytical skills. Therefore, if you want to succeed as a student, you have to find out how to write an article review that impresses your teacher.


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What an Article Review Is

An article review is a task that demands students to detect, annotate, and assess the ideas presented in a given article. The overall purpose of the assignment is for you to provide an evaluation of the content as good or bad. The tricky point is that the assessment should not be based not on your personal convictions but rather on your knowledge of the topic. You should do additional research and formulate strong arguments to support your evaluation of someone else’s work. Typically, an article review essay covers the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the author’s article?
  • Is the purpose of the paper discussed well throughout the piece?
  • Are the author’s arguments clear and supported with evidence?
  • Do the conclusions and interpretations in the article make sense?
  • How reliable, objective, and up-to-date is the data in research?
  • How the research can be improved?
  • Were the study’s objectives met?

This list of points is, of course, not exhaustive. You might need to discuss additional aspects depending on your discipline, the source article, and your professor’s requirements as to how to write this piece.

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Types of Reviews You Might Need to Write

It is clear that the content of the article affects the way one would analyze and evaluate it. Thus, since there many types of articles, there are also many types of article reviews. Here are some of the most widespread types:

  • Review articles from journals. An author of a review article collects, synthesizes, and comments on the existing data. If you are to review such an article, you would need to focus on its strengths and weaknesses and assess the value of the analyzed piece.
  • Original research article review. Such articles are usually an account of a research study that is aimed at collecting completely new data. In your article review essay, you would need to pay special attention to credibility, reliability, as well as bias in the study.
  • Scientific article review. These are articles from any discipline in science. What makes them different when it comes to article review writing is that they require much more additional research to give a fair evaluation of the author’s work on each aspect of the piece.

Article Review Format in Different Styles

You need to know the correct article review format to complete the assignment well and cite sources properly. The article review format depends on the formatting style that is used in your institution, the requirements of your professor, type of the article that you need to review, and the peculiarities of your discipline. Only having considered all these aspects, you will know how to write an article review and format it correctly. Even though we do not know the guidelines for your paper, we can still share useful article review tips concerning formatting. There are two most commonly used formatting styles, namely MLA and APA. Here is how to apply them for references in your paper: 

Using the APA Format

Using MLA Format

  • Web

Author’s name. (Date of publication). Title of the article. Website’s title in italics. Link.

  • Journal

Author’s name. (Date of publication). Title of the article. Journal name in italics, volume, issue, page numbers. DOI if available.

  • Newspaper

Author’s name. (Date of publication). Title of the article. Newspaper name in italics, volume, issue, or page numbers. Link if available.

  • Web

Author’s name. “Title of the Article in Quotation Marks.” Website’s Title in Italics, date of publication. Link. The date the link was accessed.

  • Journal

Author’s name. “Title of the Article in Quotation Marks.” Journal Name in Italics, volume, issue, date of publication. DOI if available.

  • Newspaper

Author’s name. “Title of the Article in Quotation Marks.” Newspaper Name in Italics, date of publication, page numbers. Link if available. The date the link was accessed.

Article Review Template: A Ready-to-Use Outline

As mentioned, an article review format depends on many factors, but there are elements that are the same regardless of your college or professor. Using them, our expert team has created a general article review template or outline that you can use:

I. Introduction:

  • The author and the title of the article.
  • A brief introduction of the article.
  • A thesis statement.

II. Body:

- Summary:

  • An issue discussed in the article.
  • The objective of the article.
  • The author’s central idea.
  • Brief summary of arguments and methods used.

- Analysis and evaluation:

  • Does the author have the needed qualifications to discuss the issue?
  • Is the evidence sufficient and used correctly?
  • Are the methods appropriate?
  • Is the presentation of ideas clear?
  • Are the author’s claims objective or biased?
  • Has the purpose of the article been achieved? Why or why not?
  • What should have been done better?

III. Conclusion:

  • The restatement of the thesis statement.
  • The summary of key points of the review.

This article review template is not exhaustive and might differ in your field of study. Also, for example, your professor might require limiting the summary or ask you to cover some other points. To be sure you know how to write the paper and submit a correct version of it, ask your professor for clarification and/or use professional writing help.

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How to Write an Article Review: A Step-by-Step Overview

Before writing an article review essay, you should understand the purpose of such papers. The goal of such a work is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of an article and determine whether the results of the research are valid or not. During the analysis, a student has to assess the reliability of the information and conclusions, define whether the research methods were appropriate, check the article against ethical standards, etc. Just like other types of academic papers, a good article review has to meet general standards and follow the requirements that are individual for every separate task.

There are many approaches to how to write an article review. You can spend hours looking for the perfect article review example and imitate it, but the process rarely proves to be useful. Or you can stop wasting much time on pre-writing activities and choose to write your paper according to the article review tips below.

Writing Steps


Read and analyze an article

Work on the article for a while and read it at least 2-3 times. Take notes while reading and jot down your thoughts and ideas about what you have read. Highlight the drawbacks and strengths of the paper on which you will later elaborate.

Create an introduction

This part of the paper should give the reader the context by describing the article and offering background about the issue discussed. Explain the relevance and significance of the topic and add a thesis statement that sums up your assessment of the piece.

Summarize the key points

Open the body of the article review with the summary of the paper. Indicate the main idea of the author and briefly summarize the research, as well as the arguments used. As a rule, 1-2 paragraphs of the summary should be more than enough.

Do the analysis

Evaluate the article but be sure to back up your claims with evidence. Saying that something is good or bad will not work and will lead to you failing the task. Discuss the limitation of the work in question and suggest improvements.

Work on the conclusion

Write a conclusion without adding any new information. Simply restate your thesis statement in different words and go over your key point again. This section should not be long.

And there is an even faster and more reliable way in which you can have your article review essay written. You can get a professional writer from to create a piece for you and forget about all these steps above. You will receive a great custom-made review to use and learn from. Our team will ensure you benefit from top-quality assistance and get a top-level grade.

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The Post-Writing Actions: Make Your Paper Shine

Here is one of the most important article review tips you could receive. After you are through with the writing, you are not done with the piece. You should take a pause and after a break do the following:

  • Check the piece for typos and technical errors.
  • Fix all grammar mistakes and stylistic issues.
  • Go over punctuation.
  • Check the consistency of ideas and their flow.
  • Rewrite and restructure the paper if necessary.
  • Fix formatting mistakes.

You do not want to submit the paper with mistakes because they will spoil the impression of even the best article review. You can also hire an experienced editor at, and they will make sure the paper is free of mistakes.

Do’s and Don’ts of Article Review Writing

Now, that you understand the purpose of article reviews, the correct structure, and the essential elements, let us have a look at the final article review tips. They will allow you to avoid the most common mistakes and score a great mark:

The main Do’s:

  • Do additional research to make a fair evaluation of the article.
  • Do use objective language and an official writing style. No contractions and no assumptions are allowed.
  • Do support all your claims with evidence and facts.

The main Don’ts:

  • Don’t ever submit a paper without doing thorough proofreading.
  • Don’t summarize the article too much. Your task is to analyze and critique.
  • Don’t delay the writing process till the very last moment. Reviewing articles takes time.

We hope that these pieces of advice will make your writing process more productive and successful. However, if you need more than just tips, you can hire our team to help with anything from an outline for your future paper to a full-fledged writing service.

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Is Using Article Review Example a Way Out?

Many students spend a lot of time looking for a good article review example and use it as a template for their own work. Indeed, it might be effective to check and analyze some examples to see how other writers do the task. Do they cover all the points? Do they support their claims? How do they structure the piece? But submitting an online example as your own paper is plagiarism. To save your own time and reputation, order a custom-written and fully original paper from

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Writing an article review is not the most exciting academic assignment there is. Neither it is the most important one. So, it is not surprising that students lack the motivation to do this piece and do not want to waste their time on it. If you can relate but do want to submit the paper with the correct article review format, structure, key elements, citations, etc., get professional writing assistance at Our experts will make sure you have both your free time and great grades. With us, you can have your cake and eat it.


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