Free Trade Doesn't Work

Ian Fletcher, in his book "Free Trade Doesn't Work" carefully takes apart one of economics most deep-seated beliefs, that free trade that was founded on the basis of relative benefit is desirable or good for everyone, universally and every time. "Free Trade Doesn't Work" is a reachable and easy-to-comprehend book about trade economics. It is an enormous contribution to the continuing discussion about the pros and cons of the present day system of free trade. Free trade theory is the kind of theory that is very hard to hold up with the proof. By carefully analyzing the data, Fletcher discovered that the theory of free trade is deeply flawed. He proved that the theory does not function as alleged, and in fact causes damage to countless people. Fletcher's "Free Trade Doesn't Work" introduction is a breakdown of the hold of economists on government. In this section, Fletcher presents his argument for the issues that this present day trade convention has caused. He presents proof against every one of the different positive "spins" that conventional economists employ to hold up their present understanding of free trade.

According to Fletcher, the idea posited by proponents of free trade that it allows America to sell its good to big populations such as China is not true. He argues that China intentionally blocks imports, to reduce spending, augment savings, and therefore enhance investment. He also says that the argument that off shoring is a tiny phenomenon as defective since it disregards the fact that it is fast growing. He points out that the claim that inexpensive foreign workforce is not a hazard to American income, as rising wealth will force wages up abroad is not based on any data rather than wrong speculations. He points out at the proponents playing on the Americans sense of superiority when they assert that the nation can maintain its enormous trade shortfall forever as foreigners are very willing to invest in America's great business climate disregarding the fact that those investors buy already existing assets.

He points out the sophisticated arguments that hold no truth-value like free trade takes away America cheap jobs but offers high-quality ones. In reality, as he points out, data indicate the nation is loosing both jobs. He says that the argument that the savings made from purchasing cheaper imports compensate the losses occasioned by job losses for not making these goods is not supported by any data. These "positive Spins" are the reason American economists have gone wrong in America according to Fletcher.



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