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Modern Artwork

The term modern art may is used to refer to the artistic works that were produced during the period that extends roughly from the 1970's to present times and tends to denote the type of style and philosophy of the art works that existed since that era. The word is normally related with art in which those of the past traditions have been cast aside by what is termed to as a spirit of experimentation. The existing modern artists experimented with newer methods of viewing and with appealing ideas pertaining to the functions of art and the nature of materials. A behavior toward abstraction tends to be a characteristic of much modern art. It is worth noting that the more artistic production is often referred to as postmodern art contemporary art.

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Even though the modern sculpture and the architecture have been reckoned to have emerged come the end of the 19th century, the beginnings of modern painting can be traced earlier. The particular which period which is seen to have been the period at which modern art was birthed is the year 1863. This is the same year that Edouard Manet exhibited his works in painting Le déjeuner sur l'herbe in the Salon des Refusés in the city of Paris.

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"There are also other earlier dates that have also been proposed, 1855 among them, and a year The Artists Studio was exhibited by Gustave Courbet, and also the year 1784, the year of The Oath of the Horatii painting completion by Jacques-Louis Arnason. Each of the above dates are actually significant for the welfare and development of the modern art, but then categorically tends to mark a completely new beginning....A gradual metamorphosis that took place in the due course of the hundred years."

One ought to ask themselves two questions in order to well comprehend better about the direction modern art is taking. The first question is to whether the former artistic works before our generation came into existence really are in any way related. If some differences show up, it is quite important to know whether the former art work entailed much creativity as compared to the modern art work or whether modern art work exhibits much creativity as compared to the former art work. This will greatly assist one in realizing what brings in the differences and whether there exists any sensible measures that can help in stabilizing and perfecting the modern art work as this is quite perquisite for the maintenance of one's culture and creates a feeling of love and appreciation for ones culture especially after noting the excellence associated with the art work in that particular culture.

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The other question may be whether the modern art has any characteristics that have been copied from the former art work as this will tend to assist one to establish important the former art work was as it may have led to the modern art work. This also will assist in letting one appreciate the former art work as the fact that it gave birth to the present means that it should have entailed a lot to be admired. At the end of the day one will give credit to any art work, be it the current or the former art work.

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