Shy Glance

The Museum of Bad Art is an institution that has based its activity on gathering, preserving and displaying various pieces of art. The main difference between this museum and others is the fact that it gives a second chance to those paintings that are clearly bad. This way, all bad art is stored and showed with glory to those who wish to see it.

A very good example of a painting that fits perfectly in this exhibition is "Shy Glance", an acrylic painting created by Dawn Marie Jingagian. Not only is it seriously disturbing in some ways, but this painting manages to pass its message through with difficulty, because of its lack of expressivity. To complete the pointless remark, the person who brought it in, and who clearly saw potential in it, found it in a garbage bin in Boston.


The painting displays a semi-portrait of a woman who seems to be looking somewhere in the distance. The entire painting is composed of just the woman's face, with that appear to be extremely red cheeks. Although this may mean she is blushing at the sight of a loved one, the clear discrepancy between the colors used for her complexion and those used for her cheeks is shocking. From a rapid look, she appears to be seriously ill.

Although the painting is somewhat inexpressive, and that the balance between the nuances that have been used is slightly disrupted, the general message of the painting is that of a young woman glancing in the distance, maybe hoping to spot her first love. Her unnaturally represented red cheeks may express exactly this feeling of anxiety and lust, and her eye and half smile hidden behind her hair come to strengthen this thesis.

All in all, although this is definitely a painting done by a person who was not very talented or experienced, it is to be praised that the complex feeling is perfectly displayed with the help of its colors and choice of details.



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