Suliman Mansour

In a world of technology and speed, there are a few artists who can find time to think about the bigger things in life and to display them in the manner they know best. Suliman Mansour is a Palestinian artist who does this exceptionally well, considering that he tries to promote painting and expressing feelings through art in a troubled country as the one he originates from. He was born in 1947 and after studying in Jerusalem at Bezalel Academy of Art and taking a few other classes to improve his skill, anyone can say that his work is exceptional from many points of view.

Over the years, as he has perfected his technique and style, Suliman Mansour has been involved in many art exhibitions and circles of artists. Here he has presented his work and received praises that determined him to go further with his talent and gift. He traveled around the world and shared his pieces of art with people in Japan, USA, Russia and many others. He is currently the director of an art center he has founded in Jerusalem and which he has called Al-Wasiti Art Center.

Although not one of his most famous creations, __________ is a painting that expresses both simplicity and abundance of detail. The manner in which it combines both natural items and buildings induces a feeling of serenity and complexity. Looking at this painting may overwhelm anyone with its peacefulness, as well as make them want to comprehend the meaning of its carefully designated details.

If it were to choose a few words in order to shortly describe this picture, some of them would be detail, truthfulness and unique features. The painting displays a panoramic view of an Arabic village, governed by an imposing structure which can very well be a basilica of some sort. In the rest of the picture, countless houses shape around to form what seems to be a small yet pleasant village. The palm tree that can be seen in the foreground comes to complete the image of the city, offering a touch of the natural life to the stillness of the buildings.

Further away, in the background of the painting, hills that have been cultivated with various seeds can be seen, implying that the villagers are hard working people who try to make best of what life has to offer. The fact that the church is centered in the background also provides a strong sense of religiousness, because of its imposing, yet somewhat comforting apparel. Even from the earliest of times, people have constructed churches in the middle of their towns, and Suliman Mansour did not fail to represent this feature in his painting.

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From the first glimpse at this painting, one can realize the fact that it has been created with the dominance of the color ochre. Although this is the main color, the piece of art shows different nuances of yellow and brown. Ochre is a warm color, meant to express the temperature of the sunny afternoon that lingered upon this Arabic village. In addition, ochre is a very popular color used in architectural designs, so Suliman Mansour has accurately symbolized this feature as well in his painting.

Because of all the aforementioned aspects, ____________ is a painting that completely characterizes the Arabic culture at its fullest. Not only are the structural aspects appropriate, but the way the village is constructed in the picture also reflects the exact manner in which the Arabic cultures do.

Definitely the most interesting aspect of this painting is the fact that although the Arabic village in the background is the main theme, the palm tree that arises from behind the dome-like building in the foreground completes the image in an almost perfect manner. What makes this so unique and intriguing is the fact that, although the entire village looks sober and quiet, the presence of the palm tree brings light and hope to the message the painting sends.

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Most of Mansour's works of art tell a story about the Palestinians and the Arabic culture. He is known for managing to symbolize even the tiniest detail with excellent taste, incorporating it in his painting, sculpture or other sorts of creations. Naturally, ___________ is not an exception from the rule. When looking at this painting, one can easily understand the simplicity of the life in the Arabic village presented there, symbolized by the straightforward contours and shapes. On the other hand, the colors he has used to create it suggest difficult living, because ochre is a rather sober, though warm color.

Even though the painting shows part of a village, and although the general though would be that of a crowded look, __________ is surprisingly relaxed and balanced. Part of the reason why it appears to be less packed is definitely the insertion of natural features such as the rich hills and the palm tree. They create some sort of a border between the crowded look of the village and the peacefulness of nature.

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Suliman Mansour is known to work with various materials in order to complete his creations. Some of his personal favorites are henna, paint, wood and mud, but ____________ is done with oil on canvas, just like most of his paintings.

In light of these features, it is not without sense to point the fact that _____________ painted by Suliman Mansour can be considered one of his most interesting, complex and relaxing pieces of art.

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