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Jackson Pollack

Jackson Pollack most famous artwork is the Blue Poles, done in 1952. This work was originally inscribed with a figure 3 then later painted over with a 2. Produced using aluminum and enamel paint mixed with glass on a canvas. Pollack's paintings are of lines created by dripping and pouring paints on canvas creating sophisticated linear patterns that produced images and forms. This unique art technique earned him a nickname of Dripper for creating dripping paint on canvas to make intricate pieces.

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On August 8, 1949, the Life magazine posed a question on the front cover whether he was the greatest living painter of all times in America. The same year, he decided to start numerating his paintings, including the year of creation, instead of applying descriptive titles. His solo exhibition at the Betty Parsons Gallery became the first to have number (Pollock-Krasner Foundation, pgs 1-2).

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Pollack's first trial with liquid paint was at the Siqueiros art station, New York in 1936. One of his paintings rated the most expensive painting ever after auctioned for $140 million in 2006, this was painting number five produced in 1948. He has an equivalent from French named Tachisme, who also uses an outline of abstract expressionism. Pollock's paintings are different before he relocated to springs in East Hampton accompanied by his wife, before moving his work was congested, colors were somber, and the entire paintings were anxious, and conflicted in mood (New York Magazine, page 48).

After the move to the state, the colors brighten, his creations were clearer, and the imagery portrayed a new responsiveness to the environment. Downward arching inscription at the apex edge of the canvas is common with Pollock's paintings. This is because he would often suspend them beside a sunbeam in his studio; another unique step in his creation procedure.

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Pollack's paintings are unique and interesting following the creation process. This makes them uniquely identified.

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