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In the early centuries, art was not taken as a serious form of passing out a message but just a form of decoration and representation. Pieces of art were not to express the emotions of the painter but they were either portraits or just illustrations. Revolution brought a big change and the twentieth century artists realized that they could actually use aesthetics to merge the old and new that had come with the twentieth century.

They used art and aesthetics to express their thoughts, feelings, ideas and thoughts about their place in society and the government actions. It was argued that aesthetic experience and not politics or religion constituted the highest form of human life (Li Zehou I994).However, most artists did not have the freedom to express their distress especially politically which they could not also do directly and many of them ended up being exiled.

This paper seeks to discuss the implications of government's involvement in art and aesthetics and why artists are worried about this move. Arts and aesthetics are considered matters of personal choice and taste. No one should be forced to accept the aesthetics judgment of others and neither those of the government. The government's involvement in arts and aesthetics has brought a lot of aesthetic regulation in place. Ban on some billboards, advertisements and the regulation of what colors to paint where have created a public uproar and concern about beauty. This has also raised a question on property rights. Artist's big worry is that their art works will no longer be on the government's budget.

This article argues that as much as there is worry about government support of aesthetics the government should understand that the more funds it releases on arts the more upcoming artists it supports and more talent is exploited. In conclusion, artists should get courage from the words of the American famous artists Robert Mapplethorpe (1988) and Maya Lin (1994).Mapplethorpe says he got his daily income from the sale of his art works but not from government support. Maya Lin encourages that art should arise from the desire to make people aware of their surroundings not only physical but psychological.



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