Leonardo Da Vinci

Art is never finished, only abandoned

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Leonardo Da Vinci's quote reminds me of "Mona Lisa", a story of a woman, and an art told in pictures and presented in different ways, most of them made up. The painting of Mona Lisa, a famous 16th century portrait having no true identity but, and considered by many people as one of the most beautiful women during her time. Francesco Del Giocondo hired Leonardo Da Vinci to give a portrait of the woman. It is the most famous painting in the world, the most analyzed piece of art, romanticized and satirized, and appropriated.

The painting was a well thought and a wonderfully presented history of a global icon. It is one of the most recognized pieces of visual art and one of the most reproduced works. It is one of the most celebrated arts with its mastery lying in its subtle detail including a faint smile and a distinctive gaze. The painting portrays the woman not known to many and therefore fantasies developed easily within a woman who had no history (McMullen, 1975). The expressive synthesis achieved by Leonardo between the sitter and landscape made the painting a traditional portrait having a representation of an ideal rather than a real woman. Overall harmony achieved from the painting that is quite apparent in the sitter's smile which was a reflection of Leonardo's imagination that links humanity and nature (McMullen, 1975). In addition, the painting was part of royal collection and was known because of history. The description of the painting for the famous work was left unquestionable until the 20th century.

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