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Resident of the State of Ohio

William Harper is resident of the state of Ohio who lives as specialist in the artistic fields of jewelry. He is currently in his 77th year having been born in the year 1944. He specializes in enameling techniques that concerns natural form of technology that is purely based on fork traditions as well as the emerging global demands on beauty and decoration. In his several years of work, has been credited for changing the face of Jewelry Artistry as regards the Ken Cory style by producing perfectly high quality products. Indeed, at seventy years, he has achieved so much more than a good majority of his peers. This may actually never change considering that he is at the peak of his professional excellence just like the rest of his peers. In simple terms, it will go down in history that William Harper did not just achieve his artistic goals, but also left great footprints that would no doubt be too hard to fit. (Harper, William 1981)

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The works of William Harper have had considerable importance in the American society. For instance, his earlier works as an abstract painter in the 1960s were generally acknowledged as worth the word beauty. Although he had just got into the actual practice involving his special talent, he was able to use jewelry art to portray of the American culture as relates to the contemporary society. This did not only serve to endear him to the public, but also gave him a perfect opportunity to communicate to a larger audience the precious information that he inserts into his arts. Besides this, several of his other works have gained a lot of popularity in the public domain. (Manhart, Tom 1989)

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However, this considerable success has not meant a stop of his pursuit of excellence. Recently, Harper had his works included in an exhibition in the city of New York. This was the famous known as “One of a Kind” that took place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  His presentations in this exhibition won him great accolades from quite several unlikely sources. For instance, it was from this moment that he won the support of the “New York State Arts Councils”. Indeed, everyone would acknowledge that getting the support of these institutions is itself a manifest of exemplary performance. (Manhart, Tom 1989)

William Harper got into the public limelight back in the year 1967 after graduating from the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. He had graduated with BS and MS in education in the years 1966 and 1967 respectively. The typical artistic work that was able to record at this moment was uncharacteristic of a new artist. Indeed, this performance raised feathers in the then already volatile art sector. Later on, he astonished everyone when he went ahead to publish another work in the same year. These included works related to American mythology as well as ritual objects. This was no doubt a perfect start and clearly marked the beginning of a great career. Indeed, William Harper has kept this faith and spirit and that could be why has caught the attention of the whole world including the prospective financial supporters. (Harper, William 1981)

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Yet still the man did not take a rest after making a great hit into the market. Later on in the 1966 when he was in a vacation in New York he made so much good of his personal encounters with the great enamelist June Schwarcz in during an exhibition that was taking place at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts. From this encounter, he learnt a lot about Schwarcz’s approach to object making and enameling. He was later to use this precious knowledge to perfect his own works. Indeed, made use of Schwacz’s advice to instill a greater sense of confidence in his own experiments in the said medium. Eventually, the products that he was able to send to the market looked more mature and with more precise historical as well as moral messages. (Manhart, Tom 1989)

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