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William Harper

William Harper is extensively appreciated for his excellent work in the area of cloisonne enamels. These include wall mounted panels that typically present as glittering juxtapositions of brightly blended colors. Besides, these products are variously described as fine materials that bear a great deal of elements made of crude fashions. These articles are very popular because they bear the history and values that are very precious to the American society. These particular products had the teenagers and other history students as their primary target as it stressed the American morals. Indeed, the entire society acknowledged that it was a perfect step in the right direction to ensuring that the American society brings up healthy and responsible kids to take over the mantle when the current leadership goes on retirement. (Harper, William 1980)

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The recent exhibitions in the city of New York have in fact made him hit the international hit scene. A great number of the people who participated in the exhibitions particularly conceded that he is doing some good work with his powerfully evocative artistic objects. However, for the Americans who have known William Harper for the last decade would have no problem guessing his next success. As a matter of fact, exquisitely crafted works perfectly captured the mood of the world at the time. The issue of climate change was already becoming a global concern. As noted in the 2008 Summit on Global Warming in which the developing world for the umpteenth time conveyed their grumbling over the manner in which the developed world was releasing pollutant materials into the environment with a great abandon. In this respect, the appearance of these objects was largely seen as a stand in solidarity with the voice of reason considering that the effects of global warming would eventually bite in both the two world in equal measures. It must be acknowledged that it was this performance that gave William Harper the first international recognition. (Harper, William 2010)

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In the year 2000 in particular, William Harper painted highly inventive objects that appeared in a three dimension. These objects included the rattles, chalices and sculptural installations that later became known as the preparatory step for the Afghan war. This set of arts projected an image of heroism and the status of America as the world superpower.  Having appeared in the city of New York, these objects got a great audience of the American community as well as part of the international community that was already sensing the threat of terrorism. In this respect, it was largely conceded that it technically prepared the people’s mindset to be able to accept the terrorist attack of September 11 the following year. In particular, it brought a great sense of pride in the hearts of the United States Soldiers who were later to participate in the US invasion of Afghanistan as well as Iraq. Besides, this performance of heroism made the general public easily accept the government’s decision to pursue the Al Qaeda through war rather than diplomacy. Although this question still bothers several opinion leaders in the field of governance and government, the near perfect artistic work of William Harper provided the initial premise on which a historical decision of this magnitude was made. (Harper, William 2010)

As late as the year 2011, his objects that have perfect intricately enameled designs made of gold, wood or other forms of non precious materials have continued to hit in the market. Indeed, these works that to a large extent created a sense of provocative dialogue have won the public acceptance as serving to expose the social conflicts like opulence as compared to mundane. In this particular audition, Harper was able to capture the political mood of the American Society. These objects that were specifically exposing the political theatrics between the political protagonists of America showed the need to find a common ground. They seemed to have come at the right time when a new administration had just got to Washington. This was the Obama administration which had taken over from the Bush Government that left behind a clearly struggling economy and poor standing in the global arena due to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The society at this time conceded that to face these challenges, the major players in the United States politics had to bury their differences face these challenges as one people. In light of this, the thematic concern of these objects in a clear way stressed the need to find a common ground for the Republicans and the Democrats so that the United States citizens could have a relief soonest. Indeed, William Harper through this audition gained more fame with the general public as it depicted him as one who perfectly understands the life dynamics of the average Americans. (Harper, William 2010)

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William Harper is by large a hero in the world of American arts. His works in jewelry have clearly left a mark that will remain engraved in the hearts of the American people for centuries to come. Indeed, recognizing that he still has several years to continue with this kind of work, he may just pool a surprise by getting to greater height of his professional achievements. Meanwhile, William Harper remains an envy of his peers as well as young people interested in arts profession. (Harper, William 1994)

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