The Patio

The thickness of the patio slab is 300 mm. A patio is an open region adjoining the main house. It is mainly used for recreation by the family and maybe used for resting. N most cases, the patio is placed alongside a further recreation site such as a swimming pool. It is also located on the side that does not receive strong winds since it is open and does not have any shelter. The slab should be strong to ensure longevity as well as comfort for the people using it. At times, the people go to the patio barefooted and should therefore have a soft texture but should be well constructed to ensure that the people going there do not slip and fall.            

What is the size of the internal pad footings?

The size of the internal pad footing is 300mm in square. It is essential to match the size of the pad footing and the footing with the wall to ensure that the pillar/wall is perfectly placed on the pad and not on the rest of the slab. This will give the structure enough strength to support the weight of the roofing and the rest of the walls.

What reinforcement is in the garage slab?

The garage slab concrete is reinforced by an F72 mesh wire that is 25mm beneath the topmost layer of the garage floor. The thick mesh will help reinforce the floor to reduce the risks of cracking and ensure that the floor is smooth. The slab is also reinforced by the use of a thick concrete slab at the bottom.

What is the construction of the rear patio?

The construction of the rear patio is the process of laying down a slab around the rear side of the main house. It is the process where the structure is planned and constructed as per the plan.

What reinforcement is in the footings?

The reinforcements in the footings are strong 300x300x6 base plates, and a fixisoto slab. These lie on footings that are 300mm square to ensure that they are strongly rooted on the ground and reduce the risk of sinking of the building. Proper footing reinforcement should be done evenly across all the pillars in a structure to provide balanced weight on the floor. Further, the footing is reinforced by 3 F11TM bars near the base of the footing.

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What is the difference in height between the study FFL/RL to the family FFL/RL?

The finished floor level (FFL/RL) of the study is 11.35 mm while that in the family finished floor level is17.76 mm. The difference is therefore 17.76 less 11.35 to get 6.41 mm.

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