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Wristwatch developments over the period have transformed radically from the watches which were put around the neck in the sixteenth century for practical routines to the first stylish watches made from diamond in early 1900s as a sign of affluence and to the enormous blinged out prestigious symbol watches of the hip-hop world as well as the fashionable typical adoption of the definitive diamond watch (Braun, 2011). Currently, stylists such as Chanel, Joe Rodeo, Michelle and Luxurman have embraced the unique and outlining diamond watches of the 1900s into daily wear. The diamond watch has developed into a reasonable, fashionable, and hands-on jewelry. Currently, a wristwatch is seen as much of a prominence mark than as a device of time.

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In an era where cell phones and alphanumeric pagers show miniature quartz clocks, the automated wristwatch has gradually become less of a tool of job and more of a piece of contemporary culture. Respected wristwatches such as Patek Phillipe, Rolex, Frank Müller, Vacheron Constantin, and Jaeger-LeCoultre form examples of the modern wristwatches. However, less than a hundred years ago, no self-regarding nobleman would be caught adorning a wristwatch. In those days, “real men” carried portable watches (Pannier, 2001). Additionally, a gold half-hunter watch was the favored prominence symbol of that time.

Impact on Gender

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Wristlets, as they were referred to, were set aside for women and considered as a passing fashion more than a significant timepiece. Actually, they were viewed in such contempt that numerous gentlemen were quoted saying they “would sooner wear a skirt as wear a wristwatch”. This was what separated the two genders. The recognized watchmaking society despised them as well. Due to their size, few individuals believed that wristlets could not attain any level of precision nor could they endure the elementary severities of human activity. Consequently, very limited companies created them with most of them being small ladies’ prototypes with chain-link or subtle fixed-wire bracelets.

Impact on War

In the nineteenth century, things began to change as soldiers learned that these wristwatches were valuable during wartime circumstances. Portable watches were awkward to carry and hence problematic to maneuver with them while in battle. As a result, soldiers tailored them into simple “cupped” skin straps so that they could be put on the wrist. This enabled them to free their hands for the period of the battle. It is supposed that the German Imperial Naval were furnished by Girard-Perregaux with analogous pieces in the early 1880s (Braun, 2011). They wore these watches on their wrists while orchestrating naval assaults as well as firing missiles.

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Years later, a number of hi-tech advents were attributed to the British conquest in the Anglo-Boer War. This included the magazine-fed rifle, smokeless gunpowder, and also the machine or automatic gun. However, the victory was so much attributed to the impact of the wristwatch. Though the British multitudes were overbearingly skilled and armed, they were somewhat outnumbered. Thanks to the freshly designed armaments, a novel era of war had began, which, more than ever, called for tactical accuracy (Haussermann, 2011). The British field marshals achieved victory by utilizing these improvised wristwatches to direct synchronized throng movements and harmonize adjoining assaults against the Boer’s foundations.

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