The Intention of the Company

The Nautica Enterprises Company intends to improve much on the production capacity and expand its distribution network in the whole country. This ensures that it competitively provide the products promptly with no inefficiency in the market. The brand of the company is having a positive reputation to the customers. However, increased product capacity and more line of production are necessary.

The Nautica Enterprises Company intends to penetrate the market with good retail pact whereby the nature of the products are unique and variety play very significant role in this concept. Nautica Enterprises Company will also be able to role out aggressive advertising and marketing strategies that befits the existing market in the USA. The company’s connectedness is based on its core values which are stated as approachable, adventurers, classic, and confident operations. These core values drive the Nautica Enterprises Company’s management to fulfill their mandate and improve quality in continuous and daily production.

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The company also intends to open up more branches in order to capture wider market and reduce the transportation cost of the products. This ensures prices will be more favorable too to the customers. The apparel segment is distinguished because it boasts of having given class of customers. This will improve the brand name and finally it will be the market leader in the country.

Assessment of the macro-environmental trends which the business must contend with

The macro-environment issues for the business are the external factors which are uncontrollable and influence the company’s decision making process (McDonald, 2011). These include the legal challenges from the government, technological, social and other economic factors.

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The legal environment is condusive for the business operation in the US so long as all the required registration procedures are achieved. There is tax compliancy that the law requires to be fulfilled and forwarded to the respective revenue authority. These requirements were all met by Nautica Enterprises Company and the operations were efficiently enhanced. In addition, the Company also intends to improve its production capacity through adoption of latest technology. The technological advancement however requires higher capital to implement and very qualified managers and employees. The computerization of services through e marketing in the internet is given priority. This has been implemented effectively and its benefits are realized to date. Furthermore, it ensures that marketing of products is continuous and many people can access the services and order the products on line. It has been efficient and cheaper way of doing marketing internationally.

The social trends are based majorly on the latest fashion that the people require. These are also provided through innovative products that cater for customers needs. It has ensured production of jeans and quality wears that most people prefers.  In terms of economic factors, there are economic challenges currently experienced, the company intends to maximize the production capacity and enjoy the economies of scale which will translates to low prices for the products due to reduction in the cost of production.

The most significant trend that has the greatest impact on Nautica Enterprises Company is the social factors. It is advantageous and a positive trend for the company and this influenced the company to start offering other products. The reason is that the population is continuously changing the taste for the textile products. It does not only affect production but also it gives the company proper market analysis in order to adjust the needs of the customers (Paul, 2011).  The social and modern dressing styles and fashions are determining the market requirements.

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In respect to the social trends, the company intends to strengthen its employee’s skills and facilitate training on the modern production of the materials and the products that customers require. The company intends to capitalize on these cultural and social factors by doing effective research to ensure that the right product is delivered to the correct customers. The trendy colors of the products are one of the ways that the company strengthens its market base and ensure that customer preferences are provided.  There are also various people or marketers that that would always do research to identify some of the styles in the locality so that the company extends its market base on such areas.

In conclusion, marketing plan is reflected to be the core strength of any company which can enhance sales and improve the profit margin.

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