Truman Show Essay Assignment

The authors of ‘Allegory of the cave’ and ‘The Myth of Sisyphus’, throughout their narrations use allegory to examine and explain certain aspects in human life. In the stories, it is evident to note that they focused on illuminating a common idea (Linstead and Linstead, 2005). They offer insights that, without the required exposure and necessary change, thinking become restricted and eventually ignorance is the outcome. For instance, these allegories are similar because they use metaphor to examine how people think and why they conduct themselves the way they behave. Both writers indicate that utopia comes closer to extinction when certain people stray as survivors of a maritime coincidence against their will. The inexistence of utopia is evident in cases where there is no choice (Parry, 2011).

The allegories also provide intimations that when there is no accurate, timely, and complete information there is no choice. Similarly, Socrates, like Seahaven, presents individuals who had a choice that was irreversible and irrevocable at the same time. This made them lifetime members of the ascetic Captain's colony. In addition, it also forced them to abide by its irrational regulations (, 2003). Nonetheless, they provide intimations that, the availability of choice is integral even if vetoed by forces of nature or even by nature itself.

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According to observations, the formation of opinion is influenced by locale, culture, and experience because our knowledge intake, commences from the first day of life. Apparently, its actual existence and reality influences us to determine our own identity by comprehension from the information that we acquire. Furthermore, it is enhanced by the actual background source that helps us to analyze that information using our own perception. For example, in the United States alone, there are numerous fears since a vast majority feel that certain things have been forced on them by their leaders. A considerable number of people are under stressful conditions since they have refused to accept and embrace change. However, despite these challenges, contemporary Americans are living longer and discovering many things in life. Moreover, they have come to understand that learning is a continuous process (Skene, 2009).

In the plot, various metaphors can be employed to relate the perspective of most particularly Truman and Christof in relation to real life situations. The theme that these writers use is also similar. For instance, in the allegory by Socrates’ cave analogy, the author presents a group of people whose lives has been held in bondage under dim light since childhood. Nonetheless, these people are depicted living in an underground cave. Throughout the narration, there are intimations that they are kept in designed bondage. The allegories opine that bondage allows various deprivations among them the inability to move or turn their heads around (Parry, 2011).

Moving away from the movie, it is clear that the concepts portrayed in the movie symbolically offer a deeper comprehension of the effects of media in society. Besides, the story goes beyond ironical glimpses over the television as well as other types of media. Its objective is focused on the audience since these are the people who watch the hanging depictions of Truman. Another emerging issue in Socrates’ is the partition or walls that separate the prisoners from another group of people who walk along a path with loads of statues(Parry, 2011). Nonetheless, this clique of people is viewed to occasionally making declarations while other excised silence. In the depicted allegory, freedom for one of the shadows is seen when this shadow is set free from chains that held and manages to sand upright and to turn in their cave.

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Metaphor in the narration clearly indicates that for one to be successful or even to maintain comfort, he, or she must accept and embrace the changing order. Through them, an individual is informed why he or she needs to know the significance of embracing the need for acquiring knowledge. Therefore, it is imperative that such people embark on new educational exploits that are necessitated by courage and fortitude. In using a freed prisoner, Socrates symbolically indicates by standing up in freedom individuals of the best natures should be made to realize a more absolute knowledge (Skene, 2009). Therefore, with the desired complete education, it is necessary to expose the remaining people to all the realities they can access.

The vivid line involving life and its representation in the arts is reasonably the key theme of "The Truman Show". The narration depicts that the hero resides in makeup world specifically designed for him. It is argued that this person was born and brought up there and had never moved out of that place. His entire activities are supervised by more than 5000 cameras. Besides, everything about him is highlighted through live broadcast to the whole world every day. Therefore, it is apparent that two writers are trying to inform the society regarding true reality that is not apparent to many people.

We erroneously perceive what we hear and see t be true and real as indicated in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. In it, the prisoners sit chained down in a cave while watching images that are cast on the wall before them. These prisoners accept such views as the reality, and they are not able to seize their overall situation. For instance, the cave and cast images are a subterfuge, a measly shadow show designed for them by concealed people. At certain intervals, one of the prisoners is allowed freedom and forced to uphold the situation inside that cave.

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Previously, a person does not want to allow the safety of his or her present and familiar reality. Such persons might become victims who do not wish to relinquish their status in the cave, therefore, are dragged past the fire far into the entrance way (Rosenstand, 2003). This experience is both painful and difficult. When such victims approach the light from the sun, their eyes slowly embrace the light, and their primary understanding of the world, of truth, is changed. The Allegory of the Cave is a complete and witty depiction of the human situation. It provides reflections on the circumstances that humans live (Skene, 2009). These encounters involve circumstances like basic belief or conceptual frameworks besides, typical human behaviors in the society.

In conclusion, both allegories provide us with warnings and precautions that should be put into consideration while we look at issues. For instance, change of thoughts and approach to life occurs when the prisoner realizes that the world is more than what he knew it to be while in the cave. He realizes that it is his responsibility to inform fellow men on what he had learned away from the cave and its ways. However, he needs to do so with the precaution that everything we perceive is based on the level and degree of our understanding. This again is a challenge and restrain that he has to beat. Nonetheless, the allegories offer prior warnings on the decisions we make. Finally, the figure of speech has well been used by these authors to ironically depict modern technology. For instance, it provides real life reflections that one’s privacy and freedom are compromised when cameras appear to expose every little detail of an individual’s activity. The depictions have overly portrayed human engagement through advancements without leaving out on the fears and that these advancements portend.

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