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Against Breastfeeding Toddlers

It is true that we live in a very diverse world where cultures differ greatly from place to place. Various cultures view this important topic of breastfeeding differently. There are places where breastfeeding a child in public does not create concerns and is seen just as taking a walk in the park or even having a chat with a friend. In these places, the sight of uncovered breasts exposed to serve their natural purpose does not disturb people. The truth is that the United States of America are not included in those places.

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This topic has been hotly debated by some health professionals holding the position that breast milk is better than bottled milk or formulas. However, on what grounds would breast milk be superior to bottled milk and formulas? We realize that even mothers who stress on breastfeeding their children still supplement it with these formulas and bottled milk. However, a majority of American women are now opting to feed their children in the more comfortable and easier way using bottled milk and formulas especially after leaving their maternity hospitals. These children are not proven to receive any disadvantages in their growth and development. Considering therefore the disadvantages of breastfeeding to mothers, we realize that it is not worth the sacrifice.

However, some professionals argue that as long as one is happy doing what they are doing and they are not affecting anyone in the process we should let them breastfeed toddlers. For instance, some mothers would not like it to give their children bottle milk and formulas only. They would breastfeed their toddlers at their homes. It makes them happy and gives them the feeling that they care about their children. This makes them different but not wrong though.

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