Accountability and Transparency

Accountability and transparency in everything that we do is a fact evident in this clip, especially for people in leadership or those who aspire to be leaders in future. There is a call for integrity and uprightness, because integrity fears no scrutiny and, therefore, everybody should be honest in everything they do. The significance and the role played by the media in helping us understand the people in authority is also the fact that can be appreciated from the clip.

This clip has great significance if viewed with an open mind since it contains some moral ethics that should be carefully observed by every viewer. First, the issue of racial discrimination is a key point of conflict whereby there seems to be an unhealthy relationship between the white and the black people in the social set up. There is an aspect of a mentality that sounds to have resulted from the white’s discrimination on the blacks - an issue that should not be mentioned in the 21st century. It also includes the fact that the whites have a form of superiority complex and they are treating  the blacks as lesser human beings. In addition, there is a struggle between the whites and the blacks and a big gap between the rich and the poor. The problem is that the poor should only seek help from the rich. For example in the clip, we see Ms. Sherrod sending the white man who has lost his farm to a fellow white lawyer for assistance in the case. Moreover, social injustice is manifesting whereby we hear cases of many black people losing their firms. Ms. Shirley Sherrod gives full force to the case of the white man despite the fact that, she had the ability to help him.

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In this clip, Ms. Shirley Sherrod is defending herself from allegations given before issues of racial discrimination. She is convincing the public through the media that she was not a racist, but this was as a result of a conversation she had to show a certain group that it was no longer about the whites versus the blacks any longer, but about the rich and the poor in the community.

From the above movie, we see the culture of politicians who have done mistakes, after that deny their words, and claim that meant otherwise. It is clear that the sediments issued by Ms. Shirley were offensive and racially discriminative but she denies claiming that she was innocent, but people and the media had misinterpreted her words. She does not accept the fact that she should seek forgiveness from the society. Likewise, the issue of diversity in attitudes is evident whereby the wife of the farmer speaks positively about Ms. Sherrod while the husband is so negative about the same person. There is also a family struggle issue in this couple with a conflict existing between the two.

Some of the important facts in this clip include accountability in service that should not be compromised or replaced with any other thing. In addition, there is irresponsibility of the government to regulate the communication and the technology sector. This can be very harmful to the world at large, because it will translate into no confidentiality of information. As a result, millions of emails that are believed to have been used for investigation of sensitive issues of security were corrupted and no possibility of retrieval. This characterizes the high levels of corruption in the society that should be fought against people to enjoy their security and the security of their property. Moreover, there is a great failure on the role of the government whose responsibility should be to protect its citizens, but in this case it seems like the government had allowed this injustice of the highest order. The government does not expose the suspects of this offence but conceals them.

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The media has played a great role in our society today. These include: promotion of the right morals and ethics that should be inculcated in our society. Likewise, the media has the role of condemning the social issues such as poverty, violence, corruption, bribery, and violation of human rights in the society. Secondly, it exposes the right and wrong things to the public and informs them of the realities, since these are a tool of communication. The fact that there are numerous challenges and social controversies shows that the duty of the media is to tackle or expose such issues in order to realize progress in the world. For instance, mega scandal would not have been known had it not been for the media. In addition, the media has a constructive role to play in society. Through the numerous TV channels, radio, the internet, and newspapers, the media articulates social issues that help secure justice. For instance, in 2008, the Kenyan media played a key role in exposing atrocities that were  carried out by certain politicians. If the government had its own way, such crimes against humanity would not have come to limelight.

It is also an educative channel, where various lessons can be passed to the public including religious virtues. The media is also a tool that can be used by religious organizations to reach their viewers and readers. Another constructive role of the media is keeping the public informed through news channels and newspapers that act as mouthpiece to pass issues that pertain to issues of the society. Furthermore, the media should work hard to ensure that it influences the public positively by scrutinizing its programmers and articles, since it has power to influence the community. On the other hand, the media has its own set of ethics. As a result, the government should ensure that ethical reporting is maintained. However, in some cases, it might not be easy to achieve this balance due to the existence of corrupt governments in this generation. Despite this, external media can be useful in pilling pressure on the following regimes in order to change such behavior. Aman’s perspective on the obligation of the media is that, it has the responsibility of ensuring exemplary transparency and etiquette in its operations. Likewise, she points that the media should question and scrutinize any questionable behavior in the society without fear from any quotas.    

Patriotism is one of the moral values that I have, which helps me to have a sense of belonging to my nation. This also helps me to appreciate my nation because unless I love it first, I cannot be proud and happy to be associated with it. I have the duty of cultivating honesty and integrity in everything that I do upholding truthfulness and uprightness. This is important because these essential values help reduce instances of conflicts between people. One more important aspect is love for everyone irrespective of his or her race, origin, or social status. Similarly, with love issues of racial discrimination, exploitation of the minority by the majority and gender or age discrimination cannot be witnessed in the society. In addition, accountability and transparency are important ethical features since they have enabled me to be fair and open in my daily responsibilities. Likewise, justice is a virtue that has helped me to deal with people and handle issues with fairness not leaning to any side in matters of decision-making.

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One of the persons who qualify for this is Nelson Mandela from South Africa. He actively played a key role in a movement that was opposed to apartheid and latter joined the African National Congress in 1942. In this movement, Nelson Mandela led a peaceful campaigns and peaceful demonstrations fighting against racial discrimination of the whites on the Africans and advocated for democracy in his country. Besides this, he fought for a justice society that would be free from social injustices and a community that appreciates every member with representations in the issues of governance. It is believed that, a passion for democracy and a deep love for his nation is what inspired the tireless efforts of Nelson Mandela to see a nation that South Africa has been liberated from the apartheid regime. Fortunately, Mr. Mandela achieved his ambition of ensuring democratic South Africa and was inaugurated as the first black president in the democratic elections. Martin Luther King is another man who was devoted to affect  American society through fighting for racial equality and civil rights for all people irrespective of their skin color. He was so selfless and focused to the point of losing his life so that future generations could reap his benefits. 

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