College Admission Essay

My name is man Hin Ng, but my friends call me Gary, which is my nickname. I am from Hong Kong; a lovely place to be. I am eighteen years of age. I have already finished my high school education, and I am now a college student. I am pursuing my college degree at the Delaware County Community College. I love participating in outdoor games very much, for example, playing basketball and volunteer work. I also love soccer. Moreover, I am a talented musician; I can play the piano and the violin. I would like to transfer to Pittsburgh University and major in accounting. I have always dreamt of pursuing a degree at this respectable campus. This is my intellectual door for me to head towards my dream career, achieve all of my professional goals and ambitions. All along, this has been my childhood dream and I would be very thankful if you give me the chance.

Pursuing my degree at Pittsburgh University is an environment that will add value to my education. I have come a long way in preparing for a degree in accounting. My family members and close friends have always encouraged me to go down this path. In fact, last summer, a family friend offered me internship at his company. I am sure that the knowledge and experience I would gain from accounting major will facilitate my career ambitions, as well as, professional goals. I enjoyed the internship experience all together. I am ambitious that it has added positively into my future and education. The realization that I can finally get to graduate in my educational dream is appealing. I have a desire to excel in the university and achieve a bright and shining career path. I am very grateful to my parents who influenced my making a choice into furthering my education and talents.

Moreover, by joining Pittsburgh University, I am positive that I would be of great help especially in games. I would love very much to join the university's soccer team. I am sure that together we can bring tremendous success in the history of soccer. I have great soccer skills that I could put to use. I have been playing at my community college for about two seasons and made it to the first eleven. I have learned a lot from soccer. It is for this reason that I would love to participate in varsity football. It is a game that has changed my outlook and attitude towards life. Over the past years, football has taught me the key to success. The tough practices and hard work involved is a great asset. I have learned to work as a team, as well as, cooperate with teammates on the playing grounds. I have also achieved self-confidence. It has made me realize that it is important to risk failure so as to be successful. I am open to challenge.

Studying at Pittsburgh University will help me in making a large connection with the community around, the school, the professors, and my fellow students. I love making new friends and participate in group discussions. After graduating from the University, I would love very much to give back to the school as a thank you. Being from Hong Kong, this foreign experience will give me an opportunity to bridge cultures in my life. This is an experience that will make me appreciate the diversity in cultures globally. I believe that an experience at Pittsburgh, and in life, will make me pursue a successful career in the future. I would love to get a chance to join the University of Pittsburgh.



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