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At no any other time in the global history has the world been too much keen on the importance of knowledge as a key driver of the economy like it does today. In the modern economy, knowledge is so vital that our economies have been labeled as knowledge economies. This knowledge is help by people either as tacit knowledge or as knowledge that can easily be transferred from one party to the other. The knowledge is also acquired from institutions of learning as well as from the years of working in certain industries through experience. Whichever the source of the knowledge, the importance of knowledge in the modern economy cannot be underscored.

It is in the regard that I wish to enroll for a masters of Science degree in marketing at a university of great repute as such a programme shall go a long way in ensuring that I acquire the required competitive strategies that shall ensure that I successfully contribute positively to the field of marketing. The programme shall equip me with relevant knowledge that shall increase my competitiveness in market product and services across the globe. The unique tenets of this programme shall also ensure that I develop the needed negotiation skills especially cross cultural skills that are vital in the current global economy. The Masters programme therefore shall expose me to a wide variety of marketing issues that cannot be accessed to outside the realm of academia yet they are fundamental in successful accomplishment of various marketing tasks.

A masters of science in marketing programme shall also ensure that I get equipped with various concepts especially the marketing theories hence expanding my scope of understanding of this field. As the programme expands my scope of knowledge, my skills of strategic thinking which have always remained imperative in decision making shall be sharpened and thus I shall posses the ability to accomplish various tasks within limited periods of time. The expanded scope of knowledge shall also ensure that the decisions that I make concerning various business deals are not only informed, but they represent the most feasible and economically sound decisions that shall ensure that the product portfolio being marketed benefits tremendously as far as business growth is concerned.

This programme will also equip me with crucial knowledge especially that is arithmetically oriented such as the appropriate marketing mix as well as the appropriate stock level to be held in a marketing branch economically. Such knowledge shall enable me to propel my marketing career to a higher level as such knowledge will enable me to effectively handle assignments such as transportations, economic ordering, batches among other areas that the unique mix of courses offered at your institutions shall equip me with. Besides, the chance shall also guarantee me with the ability to extend my knowledge even beyond what your institution shall formally administer to me as it shall offer the foundation for further personal exploration hence impacting me with sufficient knowledge for complex tasks that are available in the field of marketing.

It is therefore evident that being granted the chance to pursue this master's programme to me shall be of great benefit, not only to me but also to the nation as it shall enable me to contribute positively in the world's knowledge based economy. It is also my belief that this chance shall ensure that your institution shall accomplish its mission of producing quality human intellect that shall contribute to the positive growth of the economy. Besides, I shall put my efforts towards accomplishing the course with dignity and in a satisfactory manner. It is my belief therefore that your organisation will grant me this chance.

Admission Essay. Custom Admission Essay Essay Writing Service || Admission Essay Essay samples, help

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