Boston University Admission

I am a hereby expressing my desire to join Boston University on the major of biomedical clinical research. One of the reasons as to why I wish to join this university is because of the up to date laboratories which will aid my research. Due to the changing trends and complications in biomedical research, it is important to consider is that the changes also need updated sources of information like the ones offered in Boston University. The laboratories and the libraries also have a wide variety of equipment and books therefore they cover a wider variety of the issues I am willing to research on. The University also has networked very well with other universities and research institutions which will be useful in gaining a diversified knowledge from all related studies and from different regions.

With the increasing level of competition in the job market, I will also be advantaged to compete effectively because Boston University is recognized more than many other university be it in America or beyond. This will be helpful in securing a job with ease and aided by the wide knowledge gained from the university, it will be useful in ensuring continuity in employment after securing a job. It will also be easier to access financial and material support for studying when in Boston University from the private and government sponsorship programs which would otherwise be limited or unavailable when studying in many other universities.

My future academic and career goals are to attain the highest possible level of education with optimum knowledge which will help in offering the best biomedical support. This will also help me to survive the completion in the job market and act as a motivation for me to continue gathering more information. I will also start mentorship programs in different places so to encourage more scholars to study in this field so as to increase the knowledge base for efficient service provision to the nation.

It is from life experience that I am motivated to study at Boston University. I am from an average family and most of my family friends and relatives belong to the same socio-economic class. It is there not new to find that most of the diseases affecting such families also affect us and in recent times a family friend has experienced serious health problems. With the education gained from studying in Boston University, I will be able to assist such and others in the nation and beyond so as to ensure a healthy world which will promote the world economy in return.



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