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Although my Academic records fail to reflect my earlier success at Montclair State University, I believe I can now perform better if I am given a second opportunity. The main reason for my unsatisfactory academic progress at Montclair was because I was naïve and didn't know the value of learning then. I used to think that college was like high school but I was very wrong and by then I had not matured enough. However, I feel the time has come for me to have better education and be fruitful in future. Now I understand how education is important and I strongly believe I have all the powers and reason to seriously work hard and perform better in my academics at Montclair State University. Once given this second chance I will overturn the tables by giving my education the priority it deserves.

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After leaving Montclair State University, I worked two part-time jobs to earn extra money. After suspension from school, I totally lost hope in education and though that early employment would improve my life, but I was very wrong. The best thing is that I gained considerable experience from the workplace after interacting with people from different academic and social backgrounds. In all their deliberations to be one thing stood -education- they insisted that at my young age I should consider going back to school. Surely from that cordial advice which I had not receive before there is no reason what will hinder me from perform better. I went into a soul searching session and self-identity and realized that my future is pegged on my academics. I know my capabilities and really see nothing that will make me underperform this time round. I have grown from the experience and learned the value of education.

Having the work experience, I feel I will be an asset to the university and will from repeatedly encourage any student who is likely to fall into my trap to work hard. In order to succeed I plan to attend all tutoring sessions and also work out any assignments and works given by the lecture delivering them on time. If I do not understand anything, I will endeavor to seek an interpreting from fellow students as well as from my lecturers. Now that I understand what I should do in my life, I have high hopes of becoming a researcher in the field of biology. The readmission is an important step for me to achieve this cherished goal. I apologize for my previous careless behavior towards my academics.

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