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Columbia University still remains to be a distinguished environment for any learner both for the undergraduate and graduate students in diversified professional and even scholarly fields. Apart form this fact, Columbia University still brags for being one of the most equipped and important centers of research in the global arena. It is from this background that any student who has pride in learning in one of the world's most prestigious institutions would not hesitate at all grabbing any chance to join Columbia University. As has been critically discussed in the paper, Columbia University is still a home to some of the most unique features that could ever be found in any modern university considering the fact that it boasts of being the oldest one in the city of New York.

Stating that Columbia University is one of the top ranked universities is an understatement and could not portray the high level of class that the university has to offer to the students who graduate from there. The latest ranking of universities in the global arena puts Columbia University in the eleventh position. Among the very many universities that exist in the globe, it is more than an achievement for Columbia University to be sited as being in the eleventh position. As a matter of fact, it would be a privilege to anyone to get an opportunity to acquire a degree form a university of that caliber at this era of very stiff intellectual competition. To back the reasons as to why the university has managed to be in such a top position in the world today, is the fact that in all the five departments which Columbia University offers programs, it has managed to maintain an edge in the global scene in terms of the quality of education they offer.

Starting with the Social Sciences, Columbia University ranks as ninth in all the universities in the whole world offering programs in social sciences. This is a very strong position which means that Columbia University provides some of the best social scientists in the globe. Arts and humanities also play a great deal as it is very clear that the department also ranks tenth in the entire globe. Life sciences, natural sciences and engineering on the other hand are ranked at position 24, 23 and 56 respectively. It is therefore very clear that almost all the departments within the university are performing at their best level. With this fact in mind, I would be very much willing to join the university. This would be a life time opportunity as I would be able to get with me the world's prime knowledge and experience. I would be very well established in my line as a student hence giving me more reasons to make an application to join Columbia University.

The very first reason that makes me have the zeal to be a proud member of the students' body in Columbia University is the fact that it is located at a very prime position in the global map. Being located in the middle of New York City, Columbia University enjoys a great deal of metropolis aspect in virtually all its operations. In the global world today, education has taken a very sharp twist especially at the higher level of learning where virtually all modern aspects are incorporated into the curriculum. It is true though that these resources to facilitate this much needed modernism in education are not available to all universities largely depending on their location.

In this case though, the city of New York offers a perfect environment from which research and teaching can be conducted by exploiting the city's rich sense of modernity and abundance of strategic resources such as information technology and its access. The location has also made it a culture that the student fraternity from the university have in the past enjoyed location advantage over other students form other universities. The fact that they are located within the city has made easy to get job opportunities early enough, get access to other educational merits like cheap access to opportunities of student's attachment.

As a result of the fact that Columbia University is a global centre of learning and research has ensured that it is very successful in attracting a very diverse student's body and faculty. This aspect by the university is intentionally done so as to ensure that the research issue sand teachings on issues encompassing the globe are optimally addressed by the curriculum. The above reason is also coupled by the fact that Columbia University has the intention of ensuring that academic relationships are enacted as strongly and as beneficial as possible with as many countries as possible.

These facts have seen Columbia University devise strategies by which it incorporates the whole globe in being associated with it by offering learning opportunities to students from all corners of the globe as long as passing by merit has been considered. It is in this regard that I would feel very much privileged to get to learn with different people from different corners of the globe. This would be a very perfect platform from which I could be able to benefit from associating with different people from different cultures and societies. Being in a metropolis, Columbia University ought to foster among the students skills to ensure that optimal social cohesion is attained among people from a diversified social background. This is a very important piece of skill that could be gained very free of charge from Columbia University

Columbia University. Custom Columbia University Essay Writing Service || Columbia University Essay samples, help

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