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I am a student from Brooklyn, NY, the melting pot of New York City. The academic background that I have so far acquired positions me very well to handle the graduate program in social work. I have to my name a 3.5 overall GPA although the main plan that I have about my graduation is getting at least a 3.7 or even a 3.8. In the spring of 2008, I appeared on the Dean's Honor List with a 3.5 GPA and in the fall of 2009, I was on the President's Honor List with a 3.8 GPA. These achievements were further perfected in the spring and fall in 2010 where I had a 4.0 GPA. Based on the background education that I have listed above, I write this personal statement for the purpose of basically seeking for an admission in Syracuse University.

It has always been inside me that being of service to the people around me is the best thing that I can offer to them. This is grounded in the belief that I have in the fact that what brings the society together is the fact that people help each other. I can therefore convincingly say that this general principle that I have in life has been the main driving force as to why I am applying fro the program of social work into the school of social work at Syracuse University.

From my residential place (Brooklyn, NY) that I had already mentioned in the upper part of the paper, the neighborhood that I come from is composed of mixed races. I have therefore had very wide perception of the society which is a combination of different people with different needs and different ideas about life. During my membership in the Alpha Chi Omicron too, I was able to organize for very many events during the four year period that I was the President, Vice President, Secretary, Chaplin and Parliamentarian. Through them I was able to interact vigorously with different societies and offer necessary help. As a matter of fact, it was due to my enthusiasm that I was accorded the Philanthropy award from the Greek Council at SUNY Canton for having organized the most community service events for the year.

After I have obtained education under the graduate level in social work, I would be in the steering wheel towards advancing my future career and goals of being a social worker whose prime objective is effectively helping the society. the main plan that I have established regarding mu professional life is that immediately I will be through with the program I am requesting for, I would use the state of New York as my beginning point as a social worker.

As I had already hinted earlier on, I am a leader who is very much inclined towards helping out. These are skills that I fully learnt of and developed to perfection while I was at the Alpha Chi Omicron. It is due to these very strong qualities that I posses that I am convinced that by becoming a social worker, I would have made the best out of myself.

The most important thing about social work that attracts me is the fact about empathy which is very much needed in understanding individuals, their specific problems and finding the most effective ways of helping the people. Social work and law together with social work and the family are the two main areas of social work that attracts me most.

In regard to the above main strategic reasons, I would request the admission of Syracuse University to consider my request on receiving an application in the university.

Syracuse University. Custom Syracuse University Essay Writing Service || Syracuse University Essay samples, help

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