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As seek readmission into Duke, I am well aware of the factors that led to my drop out. After spending time outside my college, I have had enough time to reflect on the real causes that motivated me to drop out of college. First, my admission into Duke exposed me to life in the county side which posed various challenges to me. Given that I had entirely lived in the city, I found it difficult to cope up with the challenges in Duke. In addition, I was a bit hesitant in developing coping mechanism that would have allowed me to get used to the new environment.

My failure to get used to the new environment made me fail to take charge of my life at Duke. Furthermore, I managed to enter into relationships with friends who were not of benefits to my academic pursuits. In fact, I remember hanging out with friends whom we shared not academic interest. My lack of will to participate in academic discourse made me lag behind in my classes. These events culminate to my drop out. With knowledge on these factors, I consider them a positive step towards my success once I am readmitted to Duke.

My decision to seek readmission stems from my belief that I will be able to improve on my records at Duke. While away from Duke, I had the opportunity to serve in the Korean military where I gained skills and experience which have made me a better person. Being involved in the military gave infused into me coping skills that I am willing to apply in Duke. In doing so, I am confident that I will be able to cope with the challenges of the country side. Furthermore, I am well suited to improve my records in Duke because of my new perception towards academics.

During free time, I was able to read more than 100 books on various topics of interest. As a result, I was able to develop new in academics and new enthusiasm towards being in Duke. The opportunity to be in the military allowed me to acquire new training which improved my persistence and study skills. With a changed perception towards learning, I am convinced that my records will improve once I am readmitted.

Having grown in a family which is grounded on business, I have always been fascinated by the prospects that are available in business. This experience informs my decision to seek readmission into the school of business. Seeing my family being in the oil, shipping and trading business has shaped my interest in business. As I look forward to be part of the school of business, I see myself acquiring skills and concepts that will help me achieve my goal of serving in the business fraternity not to mention advancing my family' legacy in business. While I am applying a major in liberal arts, I am hopeful that I will be able to transfer at a later time to communication studies or political science. Definitely, these courses will give me the chance to improve the society in though improving the world's economy.

Being out of Duke, I have managed to acquire indispensable insight will promote my success in Duke when I am readmitted. For two years, I served in the Korean military and GS Caltex where I was able to gain skills in endurance, persistence and momentum that have improved my pursuit of goals. Besides my involvement in the Korean military and GS Caltex, I have had the opportunity to make presentations to executives. This has improved my appreciation of academics. Apart from learning how to use the bloomberg program while training in Bloomberg school, I am confident that the skills, concepts and processes I acquired in in the Oil Industry have made me a different person. As I look forward to be readmitted to Duke, I am confident that I will succeed in my academic goals.

Duke Readmission Essay. Custom Duke Readmission Essay Essay Writing Service || Duke Readmission Essay Essay samples, help

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