Computer Science and Engineering

When growing up, I have always had to experience a case of a trade of between the dreams I harbor and other people's thinking of what my dreams should be. I have always had to compromise on what my future should be made up off. Most of the decisions I made were subject to my parents' approval. This was very important according to them, but when it came to the choice of my career, I felt that I should pursue what suits me. Neither of them ought to dictate what career I was to pursue.

Computing has always been my area of interest since I was a child. My very first encounter with a computer was at my uncle's place of work as a very young boy. I became interested in the operations of the machine; specifically wishing to know how a computer worked, why they worked and anything else they could do. My uncle nurtured me to a level I became attached to his computer at the workplace, teaching me computer systems thus making me grow more profound and passionate about computing. At age nine my parents yielded to my constant demands for a computer of my own and my dad responded by granting my demand.

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I enjoyed the mystery the computers possessed. I was fascinated by the wonders presented by the internet and the communication with an artificial intelligence. My passion for computers grew intensely so that I even read IT magazines, books and articles, did practical research and attended forums to widen my understanding of software programs and hardware devices. I have had a personal interest in Human-Computer Interaction that I decided to enroll in a class on the same. In one of my summer holidays while in high school I even worked at a friend's computer store installing software on his machines.

As part of my coursework in my community college, I managed to develop an order processing system that one of the local businesses adopted. I also took part in a project to revamp my institutions website. These experiences have gone a long way to make me what I am currently. Most significant lessons I undertook in the community college that would enable me become a computer specialist are Calculus and Fundamentals of Computer Science. While in high school I undertook Mathematics and Informatics. I have always been at my best in these; this does not however mean that I ignored the other subjects. I also took them seriously and performed excellently.

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It is through Physics and Chemistry that my analytical and evaluative skills have been nurtured. Though I was not very good in high school, I was an average student. Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics were however my profile subjects. While in college, in all the 3 Calculus modules I managed to get grade As. I have developed unique problem solving abilities and logical thinking skills because of these Mathematical subjects.  Physics has ensured I understand the workings of the various parts of a computer. English language has been a fascinating subject too as I am an avid reader with a love for fictional writings. Just like fiction is limited by imagination so is my technological liking.

My hobbies include reading novels and other works of literature, socializing, swimming, playing brain teasers and solving puzzles. I developed an interest in Music after being introduced to it in my community college as it was part of the subjects I undertook and performed excellently, getting grade A in the last term. I also love travelling and discovering the world, its different cultures and seeing new things. Having been born in a family of Chinese decent, I belong to a culture that is foreign to the American one. I have been raised up in Hong Kong and gone to college there and so would love to discover and explore new and different cultures.

This in effect has made me tolerant to various cultures of people by way of understanding them and accepting their lifestyle thus providing an insight into their various histories and global politics. I admire University of Washington-Seattle because of the nature of its students and their mentality. Here, I would get an opportunity to stay in a multicultural environment totally different from my Chinese experience. The institution is also likeable because of the education given to students, the living standards are attractive and I also enjoy being associated with its history.

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I once got an opportunity to work with a statistical research firm as a volunteer in the area of computing and the experience there was helpful in shaping my career goal, as it reinforced my team working ability and communication skills. This is in addition to the speech communication's subjects I undertook while in college. It would be challenging for me in that I am from a foreign country but with such a background all will be well.

The University of Washington is a top ranking university, not only in the United States but also in the entire world, especially as far as Computer Science and Engineering is concerned. For anybody with a desire to enroll in an institution that values excellence, it is imperative that they plunge into an environment that is serene for this vision. Acquiring an opportunity to study in this great university would be a springboard to my success career wise. I would always strive to deliver my best and would never evade worthy challenges. It is my belief that the infectious self-motivation and the passion I have for Computer Science and Engineering would ensure I am an ideal candidate for an opportunity in the institution.

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